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10 home fixes you can attempt yourself (or with help from a video consult)

10 home fixes you can attempt yourself (or with help from a video consult)

We started helping homeowners virtually via video chat a few months ago in response to changes brought on by the pandemic. Through the process, we found that homeowners are a lot more capable than they give themselves credit for. With just a screwdriver and a coach, most people can fix common home repairs that come up. Here are 10 repairs that you can try to DIY before calling in a pro.  

1. Fix a running toilet

Toilets have just a few main parts that are pretty straightforward to fix or replace. Most plumbers will charge a minimum of around $100 just to walk in the door, but most of the parts of a toilet cost less than 20 bucks. Half of the time they don’t even need replacing! If you’re willing to get to know the basic workings of a toilet, you can save yourself a good deal of money. Check out our DIY guide: how to fix a toilet to learn how to fix all of the most common toilet problems. 

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2. Unclog a toilet without a plunger

Does this request from a customer sound familiar? “I have a clogged toilet I need help with. My 3yo daughter thought it would be funny to flush her undies down it.” These things happen to the best of us. You may know how to unclog a toilet using a plunger, but if the plunger isn’t working you’ll need to try another method. Before you call a plumber, try using dish soap or baking soda. Here’s how to unclog a toilet without a plunger

3. Repair small holes in drywall

We’ve all got holes in our walls left over from something that was previously hung or mounted. Fixing small holes in drywall is really quite simple and requires only lightweight spackling compound and a little touch-up paint. Spackle works great for holes that don’t go completely through the drywall, as its primary purpose is as a filler. Find step-by-step instructions on how to fix drywall. Repairing larger holes takes a little more effort, but we’re here to help if you need it.

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4. Repair a screen door

We’ve got a thing for doors at Fixer. They’re our most requested repair! We’ve got a whole page where you can learn how to fix doors. Screen doors in particular are simple to fix yourself in just a few steps. If there’s just a small hole in your screen, you can simply purchase a patch, though the repair will be visible. If the whole screen or netting needs to be replaced, you can purchase a screen door repair kit. 

5. Replace a shower faucet

Looking to upgrade your shower hardware for something sleeker? If you can find the make and model of your existing fixture, an online search should point you to options that don’t require knowing how to replace a shower valve. It’s really one of the easiest DIY bathroom upgrades. Learn how to replace a shower faucet  – or any other faucet in your home. 

6. Hang art

Most lightweight items can be hung on your wall with just a 1-2 inch nail, as long as it gets hammered in at a 45-degree angle (pointing upwards). Check out our guide on how to hang things on drywall for a few measurement steps. Mounting a heavier object (like a TV) or hanging curtains are a little trickier but you’ve got this. 

7. Swap out an existing light fixture

Swapping out old light fixtures is one of the easiest home upgrades you can do. If you know how to replace a light fixture yourself, you can save a lot of money doing so! Learn how to swap out an existing light fixture in a few steps

8. Replace a light fixture for a ceiling fan

Once you’ve mastered the previous fix, replacing an existing light fixture with a ceiling fan is just a few additional steps. Here’s what you need to know before getting started. 

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9. Change the filter in your furnace

Changing out your filter every three months is critical to maintain your furnace and avoid expensive repairs down the line. The good news is that swapping out your filter is super easy and inexpensive. It only takes a few minutes once you get the hang of it. Check out our blog post for what you need to know to become a filter-changing pro.


10. Install a door knob

The only tool you’ll need to replace an old door knob with a new one is a screwdriver. In order to explain how to fix a door knob, it helps to understand the parts involved, and how they’re installed. Check out our DIY guide on how to install a door knob


Learning how to fix things in your home can save money and also give you a sense of pride in being the capable homeowner you are. Getting started on a project is often the hardest part. Consider booking a quick video consultation with Fixer. Our home repair pros can diagnose the specific problem which could save you hours of troubleshooting on your own. We’re here to give you that bit of confidence and reassurance so you can tackle any DIY project. 

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