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10 Quick & Easy Ways to Create Curb Appeal on a Budget
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10 Quick & Easy Ways to Create Curb Appeal on a Budget

Coming at ya this week with some quick and easy ways to create curb appeal on a budget! You might be wondering what curb appeal is and why it matters. Curb appeal is the aesthetic or attractiveness of the exterior of the home from a distance and is often someone’s first impression of your home. The feeling you get when you walk up to a home can set the tone for what a visitor or buyer might expect to experience on the inside, therefore you’ll want it to be welcoming.

According to a study done by Michigan State University, a home with landscaping and effort put into curb appeal can increase perceived home value by 5 to 11%. Did you know that curb appeal and general landscaping can also impact your appraisal value and lower the value of your home? Crazy, I know! If you’re selling your home, you rent properties, or just simply like to entertain visitors we’re going to walk you through some quick and easy ways to freshen your curb appeal on a budget.


Water - Pressure Washer

Cleaning any hardscaping leading up to the home like sidewalks, driveways, stone planter boxes, pavers, etc can make a big difference and is something you can totally accomplish on your own! Also, don’t forget the deck, garage door, and even the facade of your home as well. You may not even realize how dirty these surfaces are until you start cleaning them! If you have any difficult grime or build-up try using some powerwasher soap. It can help remove tough stains like dirt, oil, or mildew from many types of surfaces.

Updating House Numbers

create - Floor

If your house numbers are old and worn or maybe hard to see, consider updating them. There is no shortage of online tutorials to help you out if you love to DIY, but if DIY isn’t your jam, purchasing something on Etsy or at your local hardware store will also do the trick.

Updating or giving the mailbox a facelift

Mailboxes tend to be easily viewable from the front of a property. Whether it is near the road or attached to your home, it is a good idea to make sure it is in good shape and looking fresh. Simple tasks like planting flowers at the base, refreshing the paint, or updating the numbers can go a long way. If it is not in the best shape it may be wise to go ahead and replace it.

Letter box - Mail

Planting low maintenance perennial plants, flowers, and/or shrubs

The cost of this will depend on what you choose to buy of course. According to the Economic Benefits of Landscape by the Landscape Contractors of America, landscaping can add 14% to the resale value of a home and sell it 6 weeks faster. Also, consider adding hanging baskets or planters with various flowers in them to add color and interest. 

Plant - Garden

Adding a welcoming doormat

Putting out a nice outdoor rug or even layering a couple together will not cost much and is a SUPER simple way to add a warm welcoming feel and soften up the entry to the home.

Doormat - Carpet

Painting or replacing the front door

Cleaning and painting the front door is another easy and not overly time-consuming project to give your home a nice facelift. However, if you have some extra money in your budget you could consider replacing it.

Fixer Chicago - create

Installing a decorative door lock set

You might not be able to see this detail from the road, but once visitors hit the steps, deck, or porch to enter your home it will be noticeable. In fact, it will be the first thing they touch as they enter your home and the last thing as they leave. If your current handle looks outdated, worn, or even a little faulty, it might be worth changing it up to something more aesthetically pleasing. If you really want to ‘wow’, upgrading your locks with smart home technology provides convenience with keyless entry, full control from your mobile device, and modern security for your home. You can find a list of the best smart locks for 2021 here

Smart lock - Lock

Cleaning or updating exterior light fixtures

If your outdoor lights are looking tired or hazy try giving them a good cleaning. However, if the lights are looking dated, it may be time to replace them. Updating them can add tons of charm and personality and might better reflect the style inside the home.

Light fixture - Light

Painting or repairing entry gate or fence

Not everyone has a fence or gate, but if you do and it is the main entryway to get into your property, ensure that it is functioning properly and is well maintained. Either stain or paint it to give it a fresh look and repair any damaged areas if needed. 

Picket fence - Fence

Adding furniture or hanging a porch swing

If you have a porch or deck on the front of your home adding furniture & decor can make it seem more inviting to guests or even allow a potential buyer to better envision how they can use the space. 

Porch - Window

In conclusion, curb appeal should be important to all homeowners, not just those looking to sell. Don’t wait until you need to sell and have to scramble to fix things up last minute. Why not make your effort worth it and allow your family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy your property in its entirety while you’re living there! 



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