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Why Let Fixer Do the Shopping?

Why Let Fixer Do the Shopping?



One of the most challenging things about home repair is simply finding the right parts. The thought of ending up in a Home Depot spending precious time roaming the aisles can doom a DIY project before it even starts.

Did you know that an average big box home improvement store stocks over 239 sizes + types of screws? Just screws! And that using the wrong one actually makes a difference? (Just Google “I used the wrong screw” you’ll see legions of people screaming HELP). This is why our Fixers carry with them a standard set of materials designed to tackle most common repair jobs. But, there are times when it’s important to purchase just the right part in order to get a project done right.

When we arrive at your property, we will review the tasks on your list including those that require our standard materials, as well as those which require us to run out to the store. We will review that with you, and then head out to shop before we start the labor. When we shop, we discount our rate, and always prorate to the minute. Most shopping trips average just 45 minutes round-trip. Once we return, we’ll turn on our labor clock.

We track this data! Measuring a sample of 4000 job visits, we saw a very clear trend — that the customer actually saved more time and money letting Fixer do the shopping. Over 56% of the time, customers accidentally purchased the wrong item — meaning our Fixers had to spend more in labor to replace the item, and the had the customer return the original items — that’s lost time and money for you. You don’t have to bear the hassle of big box stores, thousands of product SKUs, and wasting time having to return what you bought.

Our experts can get in and out of the store quickly, charging a reduced hourly rate, and get just the right thing we need to complete your task professionally.

For items like light fixtures, faucet / shower fixtures, even paint – we understand that it makes sense for you to pick that out ahead of time. You can even contact our concierge team and we can help you with any pre-appointment questions you may have before purchase so you get the right fit.


What is Fixer.com?

Fixer.com is a handyman service that can knock out your list in a single visit. Just tell us what’s broken and our team is here to help!

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