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5 Quick Home Upgrades Fixer Can Help You Tackle Before Thanksgiving

5 Quick Home Upgrades Fixer Can Help You Tackle Before Thanksgiving


We get it. The holidays are coming — you’re focused on the perfect Thanksgiving. You’ve got stuffing on the brain, until you realize: “Drat! We have guests coming and I totally meant to swap that light fixture from that sweet 90s boob light to something sleek and modern and cool!”

Don’t fret: We’ve got this. Your home can still be Instagram-ready for both the menu and that mood — here are five home upgrades we can help with before Thanksgiving!



We know that the mood entirely revolves around lighting — it makes or breaks the scene! Whether it be task lighting for Thanksgiving meal prep or finally hanging that WOW-worthy chandelier over your dining room table, we’re here to help with all of it.

Even if you’re not totally sure where to start, we’re here to chat with you about some options and timelines. You can even convert a can light to a pendant light easily; you just have to ask!


Furniture Assembly

You’ve got the perfect table for six — but then your neighbor next door says they’re not traveling home for Thanksgiving. Maybe your long-lost-Uncle decides to finally accept the family invitation this year — either way, your perfect plan is suddenly a few chairs short.

Never fear! You’re busy, and don’t have time to put together a bigger table — that’s what we’re here for. We’ll put together a new dining room table and chairs for you, so you can go back to dreaming about your Thanksgiving tablescape in no time.

Even if you can’t fit a bigger table, you can enlist other pieces of furniture to help accommodate a bigger crowd — and we’re happy to put those together, too!



Oh boy — this is a big one. The last thing you need is a broken toilet on top of house guests, the biggest dinner of the year, and general holiday chaos — we’re here to help. We can:

  1. Check your garbage disposal to make sure it’s running efficiently

  2. Check your toilets before the guests get here

  3. Check your water pressure — showers, leaking toilets and/or sinks — and make give you some options if the pressure’s not up to snuff

  4. Even install a new faucet for better efficiency and a snazzy new look!

More people in your home = more “stuff” going down your drains: don’t get caught unprepared.

Add a backsplash

This is a fun one: Your kitchen is going to get a REAL workout in the weeks to come, why not give it a bit of a facelift in return?

Adding a backsplash not only adds character and charm to your home, it also increases the value of your home’s biggest asset (aka, the kitchen). AND it keeps grease and water from causing bigger problems, like mold and more.

There are plenty of options, and we can help! Get in touch soon, though — this is a project you don’t want running into your prep-time for Thanksgiving.



This is one of the easiest upgrades with the biggest return: Just paint your room!

Maybe you want to go with one of the Pantone Color of the Year options (2019’s “Living Coral” would certainly brighten up your space in these dreary winter months!) or maybe you subscribe to the “Psychology of Color” — aka, how a room’s color affects your mood.

If you’re trying to eat less this Thanksgiving, maybe consider painting a room blue or pink — Kendall Jenner painted a wall in her home pink to act as a “natural appetite suppressant.”

But if you’re not a supermodel, keep your guests hungry for more with yellows, oranges, or red — they release serotonin (the “feel-good” hormone!) and make for a festive and fun atmosphere.

Cross off the to-do list with Fixer

If any of these projects are calling your name this holiday season, book a Fixer today or just chat with us to get started on a home project. We’re here to help!

May your turkeys be juicy, your potatoes gravied, and your drains fully free of clogs this Thanksgiving — Happy Thanksgiving!

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