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5 Home Upgrades in a Single Fixer Visit (that could save you money each month)

5 Home Upgrades in a Single Fixer Visit (that could save you money each month)

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The kids are finally back to school! After taking a moment to celebrate, let’s get back to those other abandoned tasks on your to-do list. And since Chicago weather loves to keep us guessing (what season IS it today?), now is a great time to get your house in shape with some efficient home upgrades. (Oh, and bonus, they save you loads of money too! )

So let’s get started!

But who wants to make 17,000 calls for five different jobs only to hear:

  • that your contractor is booked until next year,

  • an outrageous price,

  • or worst of all, nothing – because no one’s returning your calls.

You need a break, parents, and here’s the good news: If you’re looking for an easier way, just hand your list over to us (no negotiation required). Our skilled and experienced Fixers can take care of your home-repair needs in a single visit which saves you time, money, and… dare we say it… brings some relief from the chaos. Here are five examples of cost-efficient home upgrades that we can accomplish in just one afternoon.


Switch your lights to LED

Still using incandescent bulbs? Not only are LED lights more energy-efficient (consuming 80% less energy), but they also emit less heat, which prevents your HVAC system from working overtime, and they last much longer. So whether you’ve got 33 lightbulbs to switch out, need an entire fixture replaced, or you want to make sure your outlets are still working, we’ve got you covered.


Go with the (low) flow on your showerhead and toilet

On average, you use up to 10 gallons of hot water for every shower you take, which contributes to your monthly water AND energy bills (it takes energy to heat that water up!). A simple (and environmentally-friendly way) to reduce those costs is to switch out your existing showerhead for one that’s low-flow, which can grant you significant yearly savings. Don’t worry, low-flow doesn’t mean low water pressure either – you’ll still feel the refreshing massage while saving water to boot.

Same goes for your toilet. An older toilet can use up to 7 gallons in a single flush, while newer, low-flow models typically use around 1.6 gallons. If you want to see just how much money you can save per year by switching to a low-flow toilet, check out the EPA’s WaterSense calculator.


Say goodbye to energy bill woes with your smart thermostat

We love smart thermostats so much we wrote a whole blog about it. No matter what the temps are outside, a smart thermostat does the programming for you and keeps you pleasantly cool or cozily warm, all while reducing your energy costs. Fixer is a certified Nest installer and can help you with lots of options.


Keep that ceiling fan running, even in winter

You might think this suggestion is a little weird – after all, aren’t fans only useful in the summer? But what you may not realize is that the tiny directional switch on the base of the fans can also be used to your advantage in the winter. By flipping the switch, the blades of the fan will run clockwise rather than counterclockwise. This pushes warm air from the ceiling down to circulate around the room, helping to heat the room without running up your heating bills. So if you want to replace that light fixture and install a ceiling fan instead to help warm your rooms this winter, now’s the perfect time to do it. (Just make sure you get a skilled Fixer to help – this is one DIY project that can go very wrong if installed incorrectly.)

Leave the home repairs to Fixer

Don’t stress yourself out by trying to coordinate and outsource your home-repair projects. Fixers can handle a variety of home-repair needs, often in a single visit, with billing that is upfront and transparent. You won’t be waiting to hear back from us, either. Our concierge-style service means you talk to an actual person right away with our convenient booking tool. Prep your home now with these cost-effective upgrades – and reap the benefits for years to come.

What is Fixer.com?

Fixer.com is a handyman service that can knock out your list in a single visit. Just tell us what’s broken and our team is here to help!

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