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5 Fun Projects to Prepare for ‘Back to Home School’

5 Fun Projects to Prepare for ‘Back to Home School’

Back-to-school looks a little different this year. Many school districts are starting the school year virtually or doing a hybrid of at-home and in-person learning. Whichever is the case for your school, one thing is certain: we’re all spending more time at home. But we might not have the ideal classroom set up in our homes. Here are a few fun projects to build your home classroom that involve the whole family:

Install a chalkboard — or make your own with chalk paint

A good old-fashioned chalkboard is functional and makes any space feel more studious. One option is to hang up a framed chalkboard that’s ready to go. You can find all sorts of styles in stores or online. Need an assist? Fixer is here to help with hanging and mounting.

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Alternatively, you could DIY a chalkboard with chalk paint. You can chalk paint an entire wall if you’re brave or just a smaller area, then hang a frame on top of it. Chalk paint is awesome but can actually be a little tricky to apply especially if your wall has some texture to it. You’ll need to apply at least two coats and give it three days to dry. Read the instructions on your paint before beginning or hire a Fixer to ensure a flawless finish.

Create a pegboard art wall

Storing art supplies and hanging up kids’ artwork on a pegboard is an easy way to decorate your home classroom and inspire creativity. You’ll need just a few tools to hang a pegboard. Fixer can guide you through the project in real-time via video chat. After the board is installed, the whole family can join in the fun of filling it up with shelves, hooks, baskets, and more.

Image credit:  Ginger Snap Crafts

Image credit: Ginger Snap Crafts

Assemble a bookcase or shelves to store supplies

Assemble a bookcase or mount a few sturdy shelves to store more supplies and textbooks. Our skilled Fixers are expert assemblers and can put your new bookcase together quickly and correctly.

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Keep your classroom organized with labels

Everything should have a place – paper, pens, art supplies, books. Have your kids help make colorful labels to go on the outside of baskets, bins, or even cups to separate colored pencils from crayons. Labels help keep everything organized and encourage kids to clean up after they’re done.

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Set up two seating areas

Your home classroom should have a dedicated workspace – a desk or table with plenty of room to spread out school materials. If space allows, consider also creating a more comfortable reading nook or area to encourage screen-free time. This could be as simple as a fuzzy rug and some big pillows to lay on.

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Have you tried any of these projects? We want to see your finished home classroom! Share with us by tagging @heyfixer on Instagram or Twitter.


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