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Avoid Costly Repairs: 5 Small Home Maintenance Areas to Check Now

Avoid Costly Repairs: 5 Small Home Maintenance Areas to Check Now

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As a homeowner, it can sometimes feel like life is just a series of weekend upgrade projects and a to-do list that keeps growing.

But in between repainting the kitchen and replacing your living room furniture, there are certain home maintenance repairs that can become costly over time. While a good rule of thumb is to budget 1-3% of your home’s purchase price each year to cover repair costs, no one loves being blindsided by the unexpected. Here are five small things you can check now before they become big problems.

Check caulk seals

We know that water damage can be a huge headache, especially when Chicago storms make their seasonal appearance. But water can also quietly seep in around your tiles, grout, windows, and doors and slowly create major damage too, leaving you with a moldy, costly mess. To prevent this, check your caulk seals and make sure they are tight so that moisture has nowhere to go.

You’ll also want to weatherproof and re-seal in warmer weather. Don’t wait for the cold: the sealants won’t adhere as well.

Got exposed pipes?

You’re going to want to insulate pipes that are exposed on an exterior wall now so you’ll be set when winter comes. If a pipe freezes and bursts, that’s a tremendous amount of damage in mere minutes. There are a few strategies for insulation, including pipe wraps or sleeves, or using outdoor spigot covers. A Fixer can check to make sure your pipes are protected in the best way possible.

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Sure, those smoke detectors can be annoying when you’ve accidentally burnt popcorn, but at least it means they’re working! You should be testing both your smoke and CO2 detectors monthly. Set a recurring date on your phone to remind you, and switch out the batteries every six months (it’s good to check in around Daylight Savings Time).


Check your deck before you wreck your deck

Cleaning and sealing your deck regularly can save you hundreds of dollars in replacing boards, abating rot, and structural weakness. During the summer, get those power washers out and book a Fixer to wash, sand and seal your deck.

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Leaky faucets or toilets

City water isn’t cheap, and the rates are only increasing. You may not think a leaky faucet or a running toilet is a big deal – a minor irritant, sure, but you consider it something to fix when you have the time.

However, if you think about the water you’re wasting – one slow drip can waste up to a gallon per day, while a fast drip could be closer to 11 gallons – that water (and those bills) add up.

Let Fixer solve the small issues before they become big problems

Need to get those nagging to-do list items checked off before they add up to big issues in your home? Schedule a Fixer today and save yourself headaches and costly repairs down the road.

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