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7 Scary DIY Home Repair Fails

7 Scary DIY Home Repair Fails

Goblins and witches and ghosts, oh my! We love Halloween but what really gives us a fright at Fixer is when DIY home repair goes all wrong. Check out these seven home projects that turned into a haunt mess: 

An elaborate flush mechanism

This photo comes from a real estate agent. People get really creative when it comes to saving space but this is in no way safe, even if it makes for an eye-catching lising photo. If you live in a smaller space and are looking to make some simple improvements, check out five small projects that can make a big difference. This one is NOT on the list.


Shut the front door

It can be difficult and expensive to find a new door especially if yours is an irregular size. So this might be kind of ingenious. Bonus: it helped this homeowner’s dog get a nice view outside. Looking to replace an exterior door? Fixer is here to help! 


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Blends right in

Things happen, tiles, break, and that’s why it’s always a smart bet to order extra and keep a few spares in the basement. Wet cardboard makes for a spooky shower.


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Get a handle on this repair

Fixing or replacing a loose toilet handle is an inexpensive and quick repair that you can DIY. But this works too we suppose… Locking pliers are one of our favorite tools!


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Bottled water

“It doubles as a temperature regulator. If the bottle melts, it’s too hot,” says Ben Huh from Popular Mechanics. If your faucet has seen better days, we’ve got guides on how to remove and replace a kitchen faucet


That’s a fancy toilet seat

Replacing a toilet seat is a simple DIY project if you follow a few steps in our guide. Unless this was used to prank your college roommates on Halloween, it’s time to unscrew and start over. 


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Technically that’s a ceiling fan

We too love duct tape. But installing a ceiling fan is surprisingly simple, even for duct tape fans. We wrote a whole blog post on how to replace a light fixture for a ceiling fan. If you don’t want to DIY, Fixer is here to help.


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These DIY fails make us laugh but in reality, what might seem like a quick fix could end up causing bigger problems to both your home and wallet later on. Fixer offers video consults where a home repair pro gives real-time advice on how to fix anything in your home, safely and correctly.  And of course if you don’t want to DIY, we’d be happy to do it for you!

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