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Chicago Living: An Ode to Our Porches

What porch or deck maintenance can be done to help things stay in top shape all year round? Check this guide to see if it may be time to book a Fixer or porch professional.

Katie W.’s Customer Story: “I was so lucky that going into homeownership, Fixer existed to help when I needed them!”

Long-time Fixer customer Katie W. is a first-time homeowner. Her 1913 home is a joy, but when she experiences issues, she tells us how Fixer has been there for her every time. Katie explains why she loves Fixer and why she recommends it to friends and family, all the projects

Fixer Spotlight, Edgar: “Helping people with their issues is the best.”

Edgar has been working at Fixer almost since the beginning. In this spotlight, he tells us how his handyman experience began at the age of 10, what he’s learned from being at Fixer, and how being a dad has helped him understand what clients are going through.

Beyond Spring Cleaning: How to organize your home and re-energize your space

Your spring cleaning is done, but why does your living space still feel tired? When there are projects all around you but you don’t have the time (or energy) to address them, that’s where Fixer steps in… and like magic, all is right with the world.

Why Let Fixer Do the Shopping?

When we arrive at your property, we will a review the tasks on your list including those be done require our standard materials and which require us to run out to the store. We will review that with you, and then head out to shop before we start the labor.

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