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Josh Evnin

Planning a Move

Many times a day, Fixers are asked to do repairs and upgrades in the home of someone who is dealing with a move. Whether it’s someone who is planning to move out of the place they have lived for years, someone moving into their dream home, or all of the

A Message from Fixer

Fixer was created to be a different kind of home repair company, one that is committed to building a diverse and inclusive employee workplace, and that work is more important than ever.  We want to create a more comprehensive and thorough company response to the current events in our country

How to Get the Most From Your Fixer Video Consult

Here at Fixer, we love talking about home repair. It’s possible that the only thing we love more than talking about home repair is thinking about (and building!) innovative new ways to help our customers with their specific repair challenges. And the more we think about it, the more convinced

One Year In, and No Slowing Down

Fixer announces $4 million Series A Round Today we announce our $4 million Series A round led by Founder Collective, the top-ranked seed investor (#11) on the Forbes Midas List. Participating investors include Impact Engine, Hyde Park Venture Partners, OATV as well as several private individuals. Launched in May 2017

Are you ready for Winter?

Hello and Happy Fall! Here at Fixer we are getting ready for cooler temperatures here in Chicago. We have made a point of making sure our doors and windows don’t have any drafts and have a fresh layer of weather stripping. Oh, and we made sure our air filters are

Ready For Sale? Spruce Up Deck, Complete Repairs before Listing

A busy realtor’s office was getting ready to put a Southport condo on the market but first needed some help with maintenance and repairs.  The condo owner noticed lint on the walls near the washer and dryer and thought the dryer was due for cleaning. The condo’s spacious rooftop deck

Hey – You Should Work at Fixer

I’d like to introduce myself! I’m Tracy Cupper, and I’m the People Person here at Fixer, and it’s absolutely my dream job. I love people! My job here is simple–find great people, provide them with a great job, empower them, and stay out of their way while they do their

How to prepare for a painting job

Here at Fixer, we are all about efficiency. We’re going to say what everybody is thinking anyway: painting your walls can be a big job. When Fixers arrive for your paint job, they’ll do their best to make sure that they have all the materials they need to get going

Our Product is Our People

Our Product is Our People

These days there is a tremendous amount of fervor around startups. Excitement abounds in the media and at the watercooler. “Have you tried this new app? It’s awesome.” “Did you hear how much company X raised? Can you believe it?” “I’m thinking about starting a new company. It’s like Omaha

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