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10 Basic Tools Homeowners Should Have to Complete Small Repairs

10 Basic Tools Homeowners Should Have to Complete Small Repairs

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While some projects are best left to the pros, it’s still a good idea to have some basic tools at home so you can complete minor repairs that inevitably come up. In our experience, many small repairs can be completed with just a screwdriver. But it’s best to add a few more things to that toolbox.

Here’s what team Fixer recommends keeping in your home repair toolbox:

1. A screwdriver with interchangeable bits (or a set of them). A good screwdriver can open up your world of simple home improvements. We actually wrote a whole blog on screwdriver projects

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2. A hammer, particularly a claw hammer, is essential for hanging up art or pulling old nails out of the wall. 

3. Vise-Grip Locking Pliers are a multi-purpose tool used for gripping. You can put them to work at loosening or tightening bolts, holding objects for stabilization, or removing pins, nails or other fasteners.

4. Assorted nails and screws. These little guys are super cheap and realizing you’re short one nail in the midst of a project is the absolute worst.


5. A tape measure


6. …and a level are your dynamic duo for hanging, well, anything. Most phones have a level feature built in but the real thing can be easier to use. 

7. Flashlight. Yes, a real one. Sometimes the one on your phone won’t cut it when you’re working under your sink or in other tight spaces. We recommend a headlamp flashlight which is very useful when both hands are busy with the repair. 

8. A Magic Eraser helps you quickly get rid of marks on walls, doors, or light switches. Use it to clean up scratches on your ceiling after installing a new light fixture. 

9. A box cutter or utility knife can be used for removing caulk, cutting drywall, scraping gunk off after removing plumbing fixtures, and more. 

10. Finally, consider investing in a cordless drill. A quality drill comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and will far outlast a cheaper model. A basic drill kit with bits and a charger will run you around $150. 

Consider a toolset.

Many of these items can be purchased together in a toolset. Toolsets are great because they are reasonably priced and usually come in a nice carrying case to keep it all organized. Every Fixer tool bag is filled with more than 30 tools and materials including the ones we’ve recommended in this post. 

Fixer is here to help via video or in-home with more complicated repairs.

The 10 tools listed in this post will be helpful for a variety of basic repairs and projects. Fixer now offers video consultations where one of our home repair experts can help you fix anything in your home, in real-time. Whether you need help troubleshooting an issue or just want some reassurance before starting on a project, we’re here to help via video. If a repair job goes beyond your basic toolset, we can provide a recommendation on next steps or schedule an in-home visit.

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