Fixer Spotlight, Nikki: “People here get a rush from making a difference.”

Nikki is one of our fine Fixers who began her journey with us through our training program. Since graduating and having earned the certifications to go out on her own, customers love her (the 5-star reviews are proof). Here she discusses what it’s like to be a woman in this industry, what makes Fixer stand out, and why “Ice Ice Baby” begins her mornings.

Want to Be a Fixer? Demonstrate these values.

We recruit and train our prospective Fixer team members with the understanding that people skills are just as important as trade skills.   We want respectful, hardworking, thoughtful people who finish the jobs they start.  But just as importantly, they need to be reliable, honest, and instill the confidence that they will represent – and even improve – our high standard of customer care. That means being all of these things, as well as paying great attention to safety. 

John, Lead Trainer at Fixer: “Every job increases our abilities and helps us create a better experience for the customer.”

John is the Lead Trainer for Fixer’s in-house training center and has been with us almost since day one. In this spotlight, he discusses the continuous training programs that all Fixers go through to certify their skills. He also discusses what has surprised him so far, and why the focus on customer experience sets Fixers apart.


The gig economy makes services fast and convenient, and benefits workers, customers, and companies in different ways. But what is the tradeoff? Read why our founder Mike Evans thinks why the gig economy isn’t the answer, but investing in employees is.

Fixer Spotlight, Jayme: “Supporting our Fixers in the field while reaching out to customers… that's a great day!”

Jayme, our Concierge Team Lead, is among our most long-standing employees,  having been working at Fixer for over two years (almost since day one). In this spotlight, she discusses why preparation makes for a great day at Fixer, how her background in retail informed her position, and why it’s never a bad thing to send her pet GIFs.