Fixer Spotlight, Gwen: “The little changes make the most impact.”

Gwen is one of our newest Fixers. In this spotlight, she tells us how her background in painting and tile work has helped her make an impact on Fixer customers, what makes working at Fixer so great, and why every good day starts with sunshine.


How did you get into being a handyperson?

My background is in tiling and stone fabrication, but my very first job was working as a painter. I had a friend who taught me framing, and I’ve always been interested in building things. For a while, I worked as a tile installer for Disney, remodeling existing stores. One job was over 60,000 sq ft, so that was exciting!

What have you learned since starting at Fixer?

I’ve learned much more about plumbing and electrical than I ever knew - turns out, I’m not bad at it!

What does a great day at work look like for you?

A great day starts with sunshine! I’m originally from Florida, so the sun always helps. When I can visit customers and help them solve problems that they haven’t addressed for a while, I love that, especially when I can fix it in a short amount of time.

I also think just something simple like painting is very impactful. You can start with a patch, and whether you’re painting a wall or a whole room, it changes everything. It really transforms the look and feel and gives everything a happy feeling.

What’s your favorite kind of handyperson problem to solve?

The little changes make the most impact, I think. Things like painting a room or changing a light fixture into a chandelier. It’s nice to see people smile.

What do you think people should know about working at Fixer?

We have a really great support system here. It’s more like a family than a team. Everyone is eager to help and answer questions, and we’re always willing to share information with each other.

Tell us about a favorite memory working at Fixer so far.

I was at a job with Bryan and we were removing a range grill for a gentleman. This really big dog kept taking tools out of my bag - and bringing it to the customer, who was confused. I thought it was hilarious. Sometimes you get really great animals and it’s awesome when you get to interact with them.

When you’re not busy Fixing things, what do you enjoy?

Getting out and exploring the city! I like the lake and the beach.