Deck Cleaning & Staining

Sun, rain, and snow all take their toll on your outdoor deck. Having it cleaned and sealed annually will keep it in tip-top shape, and will help it look great, too!


Fixer is committed to offering you a service experience that yields the best possible results.  When we stain a deck for you, here is how our two day process works:

Day One – Prep and Wash

  • Review project with you in person to assess the condition of your deck and point out any small repairs that may be needed

  • Confirm the stain product, color and amount that’s needed for your deck

  • Move your furniture

  • Pressure wash all surfaces

  • Let surfaces dry for 24 hours


Day Two – Sand and Stain

  • Apply stain - either using the stain product we provide (and you have approved) or the product you provide

  • Replace any rotted or warped boards

  • Sand as necessary

  • Allow 24 hours for the product to fully cure before using your deck



For a typical 200 - 300 square foot deck in good condition to start, your Fixer will take approximately 2 - 4 hours on day one and 3 - 5 hours on day two (noting that spindles and railings detail work does increase staining time). So, that’s 5-9 hours for the project total at our $94/hr rate, plus cost of stain + materials. For larger or multi-deck projects, we will assign more Fixers (at $94/hr per Fixer) to complete the job within that same time frame. Cost is commensurate with the size of project.



We offer an easy choice of common transparent stain options as part of our standard materials price. Or, your Fixer can also work with you on day one to recommend the amount of product you will need should you wish to choose a custom color or product on your own. If you choose a custom product, we may need to add drying time or additional coats to the project, according to the manufacturer’s directions

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