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Home Projects You Can do With Just a Screwdriver

Home Projects You Can do With Just a Screwdriver


A screwdriver is the one tool that almost everyone has at home. If you don’t have one, you can get a good one for under $20 that can open up your world of simple home improvements! Make sure you get varying sizes of flat (-) and Phillips (+) heads — you can get a whole set, or you can get one handle with interchangeable bits. For a little extra help on the job, you can get a ratcheting one; ratcheting screwdrivers help you keep turning the screwdriver without having to reposition your hand on every turn. Finally, pick one that speaks to you, you may have it forever!  

Here are some home projects you can DIY with just a screwdriver:

Door Handle or Cabinet Hinge Adjustments

Got a loose cabinet hinge that gives you trouble every time you open it? This is exactly the kind of thing that many of us just learn to live with, but it only takes a few minutes to fix. The screws can loosen over time but you can easily adjust them with a Phillips screwdriver

Furniture Assembly

Furniture purchased from Ikea or elsewhere usually requires minimal tools to assemble. Follow the directions and have your screwdriver handy. If you need a hand assembling a more complicated piece, Fixers are here to help

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Change out Cabinet Handles or Drawer Pulls

New hardware can give your kitchen a whole new look – for minimal effort and cost. Maybe you want to swap out silver cabinet handles for gold. You could give an old dresser a modern update with new drawer pulls. You can find many unique and reasonably priced options depending on how many you need and what style you’re shooting for. Just make sure to measure your current handles or pulls then buy the same size. 


Replace Outlet Cover Plates

Those little outlet cover plates can get yucky over time, especially in high traffic areas of your home. You might want to replace them all with clean ones or you can find some with fun designs nowadays. Safety first: shut off the power to the outlet(s) you’ll be working on. Then, follow a few simple steps with a screwdriver. 

Need to repair or replace an outlet? Fixer is available to help with common electrical projects, in-home or by video.

Replace Door Knobs

Replacing the door knobs in your home is another quick project that can make a big impact. If you’re just updating the aesthetics, you’ll want to pick one that functions similarly to the one you have in place (so look for matching lock and latch types). These usually come with all the matching pieces, as well as clear instructions for you and your screwdriver.


Install a Towel Bar or Toilet Paper Holder

Give your bathroom an updated look with a shiny new towel bar or toilet paper holder. Simple styles require just a few screws. Measure the length of your old ones and buy the same size for the easiest installation, and to avoid leaving any noticeable holes. 

Open a Beer Bottle ????

Reward yourself with a cold one after completing your home improvement project. Put the edge of a flathead screwdriver under the bottle’s cap and use it as a lever to lift it off.

Run into trouble?

If you run into trouble or want to take on a project that involves more than just a screwdriver, book a video consultation with one of our home repair experts. Our friendly Fixers can give you advice on where to start or provide clear step-by-step instructions on how to fix something yourself — safely and correctly.

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