How much does Fixer cost?

Fixer costs $94 per Fixer per hour, except in times of limited availability. You will always know your hourly rate before booking your time slot, shown here:

 The hourly rate is displayed next to each time slot when you schedule a Fixer.

The hourly rate is displayed next to each time slot when you schedule a Fixer.

Prorated pricing after the first hour

After the first hour of service for each Fixer, we prorate by the minute. That means that just because your job takes 65 minutes, you don't have to pay for the full second hour. 

Special Materials and Shopping

Materials charges

For jobs that require specific materials beyond our standard kit, our experts will do the shopping for you. They know how to to get the correct items needed quickly, and get the job done. We charge a reduced rate for time spent shopping ($64/hr, no min). We save you significant time and money vs. having you roam around in a hardware store scratching your head and likely buying the wrong products. It is our aim to get your project done safely, correctly, and quickly so you can enjoy your home.

Payment Methods

We prefer to be paid by credit card, but we also accept personal checks. More info

Tipping Fixers

Tips are not expected, though if you’d like to leave one we do provide an easy way to do so once a job is ready for payment. Note that our Fixers are all full-time employees, with benefits.  That said, if you’d like to leave a tip, we recommend $10-20 per hour. Again, up to you.

Downtown Commuting Charges

We will pass on parking and commuting charges when they cost more than $15. We don't upcharge on this, so if you know of a less expensive option please feel free to let us know before any Fixers arrive.