Why do some jobs require more than one Fixer?

There are some jobs that  require that two or more Fixers come to your location in order to complete safely and to our finished standard.  Examples include:

  • Ceiling Fan installation - high ceilings
  • Chandelier installation
  • New door installation
  • Undermount / cast iron  sink installation
  • TV Mounting - larger TV’s over 50” inches
  • Some tile and painting jobs

For jobs such as these, we always recommend sending two Fixers to maintain our safety standards and to finish the job quickly and completely.  We charge our hourly rate for each Fixer that works on your project.  The more professional hands on a project, the quicker it goes. So in the end, you aren’t paying any more as we get it done in less time, and more safely, than with  just a single pro.  Our concierge will alert you if your specific project requires two or more Fixers when you book.