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Fixer Spotlight, Jayme: “Supporting our Fixers in the field while reaching out to customers… that’s a great day!”

Fixer Spotlight, Jayme: “Supporting our Fixers in the field while reaching out to customers… that’s a great day!”

Jayme, our Concierge Team Lead, is among our most long-standing employees,  having been working at Fixer for over two years (almost since day one). In this spotlight, she discusses why preparation makes for a great day at Fixer, how her background in retail informed her position, and why it’s never a bad thing to send her pet GIFs.


How did you land your sweet gig as Concierge Team Lead at Fixer?

I initially learned about Fixer from an article in the Chicago Tribune. I was first hired as a Fixer then transitioned to the customer service team as the need arose. I have years of retail experience that has served me well in this position; plus, being raised by a woodworker has proved invaluable.

What does a great day at work look like for you?

A good day is when jobs run smoothly for Fixers and our customers, which happens most easily when everyone is best prepared: proper planning prevents poor performance, as they say. If we can support our Fixers in the field while reaching out to new customers in the community to spread the word about Fixer’s mission and goals – that’s a great day!

What’s your favorite kind of concierge/people problem to solve?

As much as everyone strives to anticipate every customer’s needs, sometimes unexpected things come up – bad weather, traffic, or fixes that take longer than expected. In that case, we have to juggle things around. When we can get Fixers to customers and get all the jobs done with high customer satisfaction, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment for us!

What do you think people should know about working at Fixer?

Most of what the customer service team does is behind a screen so we get a little silly sometimes. Any pet pics or GIFs you send our way are always appreciated!


Tell us about a favorite memory working at Fixer so far.

As a new company, great reviews are an important part of building our business. As an incentive for customers to leave reviews, we had a game for Fixers that for every 20 or so 5-star reviews a team of Fixers received, they would get donuts at the next team meeting. One customer was so impressed with his experience that he sent sandwiches for the whole company!

What do you take away from Fixer’s mission: “We Fix Things. We Build People.” ?

I am a big proponent of getting young people back into the trades. Given that I was raised by a woodworker and that my parents rehabbed houses when I was a kid, I had plenty of resources available to learn some of these skills. However, most people aren’t that lucky these days. If I can be even a small part of creating a space for people to learn these valuable skills then I would consider this all worth it.

When you’re not busy being a customer champion, what do you enjoy?

I love being a goofball with my two nieces and nephew, bingeing Netflix shows, crafting, and visiting friends.

What is Fixer.com?

Fixer.com is a handyman service that can knock out your list in a single visit. Just tell us what’s broken and our team is here to help!

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