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Fixer Spotlight – Cousins Luis and Eligio: “Fixer has definitely changed the game.”

Fixer Spotlight – Cousins Luis and Eligio: “Fixer has definitely changed the game.”

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Luis and Eligio are cousins who both work at Fixer. They talk about their experience working together, their favorite problems to solve, and some funny moments. 

How did you get into being a handyperson and working at Fixer? 

Eligio: After I decided to go to school for electrical, I became a handyperson. Quite hilarious! Graduating from Lincoln College of Technology did not make it any easier to find a job. While on Indeed.com, Fixer popped up to rescue me out of the water. I still remember my interview very well.

I knew my cousin Luis had been doing plumbing for a really long time and he was really good at it. After I went through my training, I recommended him to work at Fixer. I didn’t tell people he was my cousin at first but then word got out. I love working with him. 


Luis: Since I was a teenager, I’ve always been into figuring things out and I love tools. I also went to electrical school and had been doing handyman work in the field for 6-7 years. Then, my cousin told me about Fixer. When Eligio told me about Fixer, I applied and went for my interview. They had hands-on experience during the first interview and I was so nervous even though I had years of experience. I called after that and explained that I messed up because I was nervous and they gave me a second chance. 

Do you and your cousin ever work on jobs together?

Luis: Yes, it’s fun when we work together. There might be something I know how to do and he doesn’t or vice versa. It’s easy to bounce ideas off of each other. Where one of us is lacking, the other can pick up. 

What have you learned since starting at Fixer?

Luis: I’ve learned so many new skills at Fixer. For example, I have learned more about drywall, painting, and doors. 

Eligio: Let me say I learned pretty much everything at Fixer. I knew a little electrical but I never really had hands-on experience. Shout out to John and all my Fixer coworkers. I’m too grateful for them all. I learned how to cut when painting, how to patch/put up drywall, how to install light fixtures, how to mount, how to do plumbing, and electrical work effectively and safely. John really showed me how to be a fixer from day one. I’m a product of The Training Center. I learned how to have confidence in myself. I’ve been working for Fixer for a year now and it feels amazing to see the progress I made within that year. 

Side note: Eligio has received over 145 five-star reviews in his first year! Impressive!

What does a great day at work look like for you?

Luis: A great day for me is getting a job done that’s a little nerve wracking at first. Once I complete the job, that feeling I get is awesome and that makes my day worth it. At Fixer I get some jobs that I have a lot of experience doing and then other jobs that I’m not as familiar with.  

Eligio: A great day for me would be successfully completing all my jobs. It doesn’t matter which job either. Knowing I did the best that I can for the customer so they are satisfied is the icing on the cake. Hearing how happy they are is a real delight. Everyone’s effort should be appreciated. 

I really enjoy learning with my coworkers. We’re able to communicate to each other about our jobs and ask questions to better understand any tasks that were assigned. The stories and the knowledge that we all possess is amazing. 

What’s your favorite kind of handyperson problem to solve?

Luis: I guess my favorite problems are plumbing issues because there’s always something new. I went to school for electrical but once I got to doing plumbing, I took a liking to it. It can be harder to figure things out so there’s a bigger sense of accomplishment at the end.  

Eligio: My favorite kind of handyperson problem to solve would be anything that needs to be built with instructions. I’ve had fun doing these types of jobs. It’s just me using my mind. I had this one job where I had to build a standing desk. I was interested in that since I had never built one before. Once you start building, you see progress and get excited. 

What do you think people should know about working at Fixer?

Luis: Fixer is an amazing company in and out. It’s a company that really cares for its employees and staff not just financially, but in every aspect. If you need someone to talk to or just can’t understand something, there’s a whole team of great minds and caring people. Together, it almost seems like nothing is impossible. Fixer has definitely changed the game. It’s the best company I have ever worked at. Not only do they provide you with all that you need, they support you all the way through. Fixer helps people grow who start out with no handyman knowledge. 

Eligio: People should know that working at Fixer is a blessing. This place is definitely the you know what! Fixer has a great atmosphere, positive vibes, provides knowledge expansion, and great benefits. 

Tell us about a favorite memory working at Fixer so far. 

Luis: My favorite memory so far was the holiday party. It was amazing to see everyone and it just seemed as if you were with family. I’m happy that I had the chance to experience that with a great group.

Eligio: I can’t lie. The photo shoot was unforgettable! I felt like I was behind the scenes. It was lots of fun and relaxing to me. Everything just felt so official. 

When you’re not busy Fixing things, what do you enjoy?

Luis: When I’m not fixing, I’m with my kids and 99.9% of the time they are breaking things that I get the honor of fixing LOL.

Eligio: When not fixing things, I enjoy working on music. It’s a thing of mine or should I say hobby! It’s something I’ve always done so I just keep it going. 

Did you pick up any new skills or hobbies during the pandemic? Bake any banana bread?

Luis: Let’s see… patience. I would say that’s my newest skill and it’s the most useful.

Eligio: I developed a Netflix habit over the pandemic, haha. Making banana bread definitely sounds like a skill I should have picked up instead! Oh, silly me! 

What do you think about the new video consultations that Fixer is offering?

Luis: I love video fixing. You get the benefit of helping someone get something done while being in the comfort of your home office. It’s a great idea the team had to keep us employed during the pandemic.

I’ve done a few video calls. It can be challenging because my way of explaining something may not suit that customer. First, I like to lay out all the tools the customer will need for the particular repair. You get to work with people all over the United States. My first video call was a plumbing issue in Vermont. I also got a call where someone needed help hanging a curtain rod. 

Eligio: I think the new video consultations that Fixer is offering are great! It’s like taking a course over the phone. 

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