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Fixer Spotlight, Nikki: “People here get a rush from making a difference.”

Fixer Spotlight, Nikki: “People here get a rush from making a difference.”

Nikki is one of our fine Fixers who began her journey with us through our training program. Since graduating and having earned the certifications to go out on her own, customers love her (the 5-star reviews are proof). Here she discusses what it’s like to be a woman in this industry, what makes Fixer stand out, and why “Ice Ice Baby” begins her mornings.

We may have stolen Nikki mid-painting project to snap this photo. Our Fixers never rest!

We may have stolen Nikki mid-painting project to snap this photo. Our Fixers never rest!

How and why did you decide to become a part of this industry? What were you doing before you started paid training with Fixer? 

I was raised by a DIY’er. I watched my dad fix anything and everything he could my entire life, learning valuable lessons along the way. I watched him make many mistakes, and fix those mistakes. He taught me that anyone can fix anything “if they do their homework.”  

Luckily, my previous jobs have given me a great foundation for becoming a successful Fixer. I’ve made reclaimed wood tables and worked on carpentry and signage at Potbelly’s. It was kind of like a Goldilocks story: Fixer ended up being just the right size for me.

Given that this industry is typically male-dominated, what has your experience been as a woman?

Since I have been working in this industry for a couple years now, I had an idea of what it might be like going into Fixer. Fortunately, in my experience, people are starting to do a better job of not making gendered comments. 

One thing I realized quickly after starting to go on Fixer jobs is that other women are excited about and really appreciate another woman to communicate with. It doesn’t always have to be “that guy” working under their sink!

What’s a lesson that has stuck with you since you joined Fixer?

Regardless how clean your hands might look, you will leave fingerprints on a white wall.

What does a great day at work look like for you?

What I enjoy most about this profession is that it gives me the opportunity to help others and hopefully restore some faith in humanity. A lot of people struggle to find those who are willing to work their hardest to make them happy. It’s an excellent feeling to surprise a customer by just trying hard and communicating well. 

Our mission is: We Fix Things. We Build People. Can you give an example of how the Fixer community takes that to heart?

About a month into becoming a full-time Fixer, I broke my collar bone and needed surgery. Luckily, this company cares enough to find me work to do while I heal. Being able to work both as a Fixer and now in the office with concierge team is awesome: I get to see how both sides are finding solutions and ‘fixing’ regardless of the position they’re in.

What’s your favorite kind of handyperson problem to solve?

I love to solve any and all problems, and often sing the opening to “Ice Ice Baby” in my head all day long: “If there is a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.” But my favorite kind of handy work is the work that happens throughout every job: Efficiency. 

What do you think people should know about working at Fixer?

Overall, I’d say my experience has been extremely positive working for Fixer. Even before I started, I could tell Fixer was different than other companies. I applied to Fixer before the training center was up and running, and was told I would hear back in about 3 months when they were ready to start taking trainees. Obviously, I thought I wouldn’t hear back, but they kept their word. What’s even more exciting is that this company is constantly growing and getting better. 

This job isn’t for people who like to do as little work as possible. People here get a rush from making a difference, I think, so if you prefer to go through life on cruise control then it might not be your scene.

Tell us about a favorite memory working at Fixer so far. 

My favorite memory working at Fixer so far is my first day of training. I remember walking into the training center and seeing all of the modules set up, literally the most excited I’ve ever been. I have never had a job that on my first day made me feel like I was actually an investment rather than a commodity. 

When you’re not busy Fixing things, what do you enjoy?  

I enjoy going to the beach in the summer and sailing and windsurfing as much as possible. I also enjoy making bonfires.

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