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Fixer’s Top Must-Have Tools
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Fixer’s Top Must-Have Tools

Results are in! We’ve asked our Fixers to share their top must-have tools and we’re excited to share them with you!

Our home repair experts tackle a variety of tasks on any given day from hanging artwork and assembling furniture to more complicated tasks like plumbing repairs, electrical, drywall, carpentry, and much much more. No matter what the day throws at them they are equipped with a tool bag of over 30 tools and materials to get the job done! Naturally, you may be wondering what tool they reach for most often and why they think it is a must-have.

Hopefully, this list will give you some tips & recommendations for useful tools you may want to have in your toolbox. Maintaining your own property can be hard work! If you’re not the DIY-type, our Fixers are here to help!

Let’s dive in!

Becky With RYOBI Air Grip Compact Laser Level

Meet, Becky!

Becky’s Must-Have Tool: RYOBI Air Grip Compact Laser Level

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Becky uses this tool for hanging & mounting shelves, artwork, mirrors, trim, and TVs. This level is incredibly compact and easy to carry in her tool bag, rather than a 6ft level. It features a long distance level line and can hold itself to the wall with a suction cup. This allows her to easily mark where to mount or hang an object.

Michael With RYOBI Impact Driver

Meet, Michael!

Michael’s Must-Have Tool: RYOBI Impact Driver

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Michael likes how this drill speeds up the process and says it’s perfect for outdoor and heavy-duty projects. A drill is a project workhorse when it comes to homeownership and you’ll find it may just be one of the most used tools in your home!

Chang With RIDGID Circular Saw (cordless)

Meet, Chang!

Chang’s Must-Have Tool: RIDGID Circular Saw (cordless)

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Chang finds this tool a must-have due to its versatility. It can cut through a variety of materials and can do so with great precision and speed. Not only does it make straight cuts, but it can also make curvilinear and beveled cuts as well. Since this saw is cordless, it is also super convenient to use while out servicing our customers!

Linda With  Milwaukee Impact Driver

Meet, Linda!

Linda’s Must-Have Tool: Milwaukee Impact Driver

Find this tool for sale here.

This is Linda’s go-to tool for furniture assembly and repair jobs. She loves how lightweight it is and the option to toggle between 3 different speeds.

Ricordo With Stanley Utility Saw

Meet, Ricordo!

Ricordo’s Must-Have Tool: Stanley Utility Saw

Find this tool for sale here.

Ricordo uses this tool on his woodworking jobs for detail cuts. The broad, large-toothed blade of the carpenter’s saw makes straight cuts through the wood in woodworking and carpentry applications.

Patrick With Husky Adjustable Plumbers Wrenches

Meet, Patrick!

Patrick’s Must-Have Tool: Husky Adjustable Plumbers Wrenches

Find this tool for sale here.

Patrick uses these wrenches on all his plumbing jobs. Ideal for tightening and removing large slip nuts, spud nuts, and basket strainers in a variety of applications.

Matt With Husky Flexible Putty Knife

Meet, Matt!

Matt’s Must-Have Tool: Husky Flexible Putty Knife

Find this tool for sale here.

Matt uses this putty knife for drywall jobs, along with a plethora of other things. The narrow blade makes it a versatile tool for small applications or narrow spaces. It may seem like a simple tool, but it has many uses other than for drywall like filling nail holes, scraping in tight spots, removing wallpaper, removing grout or caulk, and prying trim boards in the initial stages of removal. For under $10, you’ll definitely want to snatch one of these up if you don’t have one!

Kyle With Makita Oscillating Multi-Tool

Meet, Kyle!

Kyle’s Must-Have Tool: Makita Oscillating Multi-Tool

Find this tool for sale here.

Kyle likes it because it’s ideal for a variety of jobs: cutting, sanding, scraping, grout removal, and more. Great for wood flooring, plaster, PVC, and more. Easy head removal with dozens of attachments.

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