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Fixer’s Home Maintenance Checklist

Our membership plan is tailored to stay on top of the tasks below. Additionally, your Fixer can recommend certain tasks specific to your home. We’re here to get your home in great shape, and keep it that way!

Springtime Tasks:

❏ Turn off main gas supply to any gas fireplaces

❏ Remove/open storm windows

❏ Insert/repair window & door screens

❏ Pressure wash siding/exterior as necessary

❏ Pressure wash deck areas & exterior furniture

❏ Clean out basement access / window wells

❏ Un-winterize the sprinkler system

❏ Un-winterize outdoor spigots

❏ Uncover/Install AC units


❏ Check/clean kitchen vent hood / microwave filter

❏ Deodorize & sharpen the garbage disposal blades

❏ Run a clean cycle on the clothes washer

❏ Clean out clothing dryer lint exhaust

❏ Change the refrigerator water filter

❏ Pull appliances out to vacuum behind

❏ Clean dishwasher filter


❏ Inspect for leaks around toilets and sinks

❏ Inspect tub/shower and sink drains for debris; unclog if necessary

❏ Inspect grout and caulking in kitchen & bathrooms for damage

❏ Check that all local (fixture) water shutoffs work

❏ Check the function of the main water shut off

❏ Clean all faucet aerators

Fall Tasks:

❏ Add/Close storm windows

❏ Weatherize windows

❏ Weatherize doors

❏ Clean out the burner on gas fireplaces, reopen gas supply line

❏ Remove/Cover AC unit(s)

Heating & Cooling:

❏ Check & replace HVAC system filters / bleed radiators

❏ Check that ceiling fans are set to the proper direction for the season

Safety Systems:

❏ Test smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, replace batteries every 6 months

❏ Inspect, rotate, and replace fire extinguishers

❏ Check that all exterior doors & gates lock easily

❏ Check that first floor windows have functioning locks or bars

❏ Check that interior & exterior handrails are secured

❏ Test all GFCI outlets for proper function

Exterior (for single family homes):

❏ Inspect attic/ceiling for leaks or damage

❏ Inspect exterior for signs of wear, hazards, and proper drainage

❏ Trim shrubs around air conditioning units

❏ Test automatic garage door safety shutoff

❏ Spray for pests (weather permitting)

❏ Check & lubricate hinges, rollers, chains & pulleys on garage door(s)

❏ Turn off / winterize sprinkler system

❏ Winterize outdoor spigots

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