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Focus and Refresh for a Quick Resale: Small Updates Can Mean Big Cash if You’re Planning to Sell Your House this Spring

Focus and Refresh for a Quick Resale: Small Updates Can Mean Big Cash if You’re Planning to Sell Your House this Spring


So, you’re getting ready to sell your home — congratulations! That’s a big step, and we hope it’ll bring you to the next home you and your family will love.


 Before you can get too far into dreaming about your new place, there’s still some potentially daunting work to do in getting your existing home decluttered, refreshed, and ready for showtime. This beloved home of yours is about to be exposed to the critical eyes of real estate agents and potential homebuyers. There’s going to be competition out there as other similar homes hit the market. It’s an overwhelming feeling to say the least.

Good news is that March is a fantastic time to put a simple, multi-step plan into action that will keep you focused, keep anxiety at bay and will help put more money in your pocket at closing.


Countdown checklist to sell your home

Here’s a countdown checklist you can use to get started — no stress, we’re in this together.

  1. LESS IS MORE: DECLUTTER as a first step, and all good will follow. Take the time over these last few colder winter weekends to tame storage areas like closets and bookshelves, donate what you haven’t touched in years, think zen minimalist when it comes to knick knacks, photos and tchotchkes. Just put them away – you’re going to have to pack to move eventually anyway. Starting with this project first means you get to have a clean slate for every other project: Apartment Therapy found 11 places you can declutter to help your space get clean and tidy.

  2. PAINT REFRESH: Tone down “big” colors in favor of more neutral tones — HGTV has a list of fool-proof paint colors for each room of your home to help sell your house. Buyers will get distracted by bold colors, stencils and other patterns on the walls; don’t give them the chance. If your walls are already a lighter color but show signs of wear, even a quick single coat can work miracles.

  3. TRIM TOUCH UPS: If you don’t have the time or budget to freshen up the walls, at least touch up white trim that’s been banged up along floors, doors, and window casings with a new coat of paint. Or maybe you’re a first timer and want to cover up dark and dingy baseboards? Remodelaholic shows the power of what white paint on your trim can do! The first thing buyers will see when they arrive is the molding on your baseboards when they reach down to untie their shoes — make sure what they see is sparkling white!

  4. REARRANGE THE FURNITURE: Perfectly placed furniture lets buyers see the room itself so they can imagine their own stuff in it. Staging goes A LONG WAY here, and you can do alot do stage on your own without hiring a professional — Young House Love has a great roundup of DIY tips to stage your home to help it sell faster, and for more money!

  5. INEXPENSIVE UPGRADES THAT PAY OFFHomelight has a list of some inexpensive upgrades – new light fixtures, swapping out your faucet fixtures, updating kitchen backsplash, and a coat of neutral paint in some key rooms can help. Even something as small as replacing the hardware on all your doors is a low-cost project that can instantly give your home the modern look that new buyers want. Southern Hospitality has a quick before-and-after to show you the power of a small change!

  6. DON’T FORGET THE OUTSIDE: As temps get above 40 degrees, plan to power wash the outside of your home if it’s dingy and dirty. It makes a huge difference. Plant some early spring flowers or trim bushes to keep the yard looking neat, even if it’s still early in the growing season.  Check out Young House Love’s before-and-afters of their power-washed wood, brick, and cement around their home!


Home repairs that make an impact

Still thinking this is a pretty long list? Truthfully, it is, but each of these tasks will pay off big time in reducing time to sale and the price.  Here at Fixer, we are professional project managers and skilled professionals. We understand what repairs will make an impact, and can get repairs and updates done quickly to meet deadlines. We can help you with all of these tasks – from painting and wall repairs, to fixing and updating your small electrical projects, to repairing any small plumbing issues and updating fixtures, to giving you a brand new (beautiful!) tiled backsplash, and when it FINALLY warms up we’ll help you get that outdoor entertaining space looking new and inviting.

We definitely want you to sell your home fast and at a great price. So, send us your list, book your Fixer today, and feel better about that For Sale sign this spring.


Get Your Home Maintenance Plan

Get an interactive home maintenance plan that aligns with your priorities! With routine visits from your favorite Fixer, we can help you make homeownership a breeze.

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