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How to Tip a Handyman
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How to Tip a Handyman

People often ask if giving a tip is appropriate and if so, how much? Tipping a handywoman or handyman may not be your regular practice, but it’s never too late to start. If you’re exceptionally pleased with the service, Fixer has outlined some pointers on how to tip a handyman.

Depending on your personal situation and experience, do not feel obligated to stretch your budget for a tip. Don’t fret, there’s other meaningful ways to say thanks aside from money or gifts. This post is intended to be a guide and any suggestions listed here are merely recommendations. What you choose to give can depend on several factors, such as:

  • Your overall experience working with the handyperson
  • Length of time you’ve been doing business with the company
  • The quality of the work and how often you have used them
  • Scope and size of the job completed

That being said, if you’ve experienced exceptional service and want to tip your handyperson don’t be afraid to do so! In the U.S. service industry, tips are expected to be a big percentage of someone’s wages, and at other companies, tips are not permitted. We’ll speak for ourselves here: Fixers are full-time employees with benefits, so while tips are not expected, they’re always appreciated.

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Fixer recommends $10–$20 per hour as a guideline for tipping, depending on the size of the job. For smaller jobs, some customers will also simply take their bill and round it up. Let’s say your bill was $129… you’d round up to $150. If you’re in a position to be generous with your tips, the recipient will always be grateful!

If you don’t feel comfortable tipping, there are other ways to show your gratitude for a job well done. Calling someone out by name in a positive review is a great way to recognize their efforts. This is an excellent way to let the company know how great of a job your handyperson did. Along with helping other customers feel confident choosing that business. Also, recommending your handyperson to your family, friends, and neighbors goes a long way. Bringing them more business is always a great idea and, in turn, can increase their profits!

Providing generosity and thanks toward your handyman or handywoman can be done in many ways. At Fixer, we love to hear about the kindness and appreciation our customers have toward our Fixers. We make it easy for our customers to leave a tip after the job is completed via our online portal. Aside from monetary tips, our customers show their support through posting reviews on our social media and home service websites:

Fixer even offers a membership program that pairs a customer with the same Fixer for each appointment. This allows our customers to develop a trusting relationship with their Fixer over time. In return, the Fixer becomes more familiar with the customer’s home, providing extra attention to repairs and preventative maintenance. 

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