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Patio Furniture Buying Guide

Patio Furniture Buying Guide

Are you in the market to purchase new patio furniture, but you’re not sure what to look for or where to start? There are several things to consider when buying patio furniture. Style, material, budget, layout, size, comfortability, portability, and durability are all factors you’ll want to weigh out before

5 Home Projects to Tackle This Spring

5 Home Projects to Tackle This Spring

Spring has almost sprung and now is a great time to give your home a little TLC! Once the weather starts warming up many of us get the itch to let the fresh air in and get going on deep cleaning tasks, home repairs, and organizing that have been hanging

2022 Home Design Trends

2022 Home Design Trends

We’re all about the home design trends of 2022 and ready to share what we’ve learned.. When it comes to upgrading or making repairs to your home, creating a todo list and setting goals at the start of the year can help keep you on track. Researching home design trends

How to prepare for a painting job

Here at Fixer, we are all about efficiency. We’re going to say what everybody is thinking anyway: painting your walls can be a big job. When Fixers arrive for your paint job, they’ll do their best to make sure that they have all the materials they need to get going

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