Save time and money by letting a skilled, licensed Fixer handle your property checkup, punch list and repairs.

Our Landlord Turn Service Package consists of a comprehensive 20-point property checkup (inside and out) including condition photos and a full itemized report. 

Landlords are then able to hire Fixer to handle some or all of the recommended repairs at a 15% discount off our current labor rate of $94.



We check the following:

  • General cleanliness / attention to maintenance

  • Electrical

    • Appliances

    • Outlets

    • Light fixtures & bulbs

  • Plumbing

    • Kitchen sinks, drains and caulking

    • Bathroom faucets, drains, showers, baths, caulking and toilets

  • Doors, Windows & Cabinetry

    • Exterior doors, locks, paint/stain and weatherproofing

    • Interior doors, latches/locks & paint/stain

    • Window, storms, and screens

    • Cabinetry alignment & hinges

  • Floors & Walls

    • Drywall/Plaster repairs needed

    • Paint condition

    • Floor condition

  • Safety & Compliance

    • Fire & Electrical Safety/Compliance

    • Exterior & Personal Safety/Compliance



Property Checkup - $199

Includes the 20-point checkup, safety and compliance check, and complete itemized report with photos.

Labor - $80/hr (15% discount)

Should you decide to take action on any of the items identified in our Property Checkup, our skilled Fixers can get to work right away or coordinate directly with new or future tenants to complete the maintenance/repair work.


Book a Fixer today and get ready for new tenants!