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What you need to know about Yelp

People come to Yelp because they trust it for a number of categories in their life — restaurants, neighborhood parks, accountants, you name it. When we hear from someone on Yelp, they may or may not know anything about Fixer. Sometimes they will have read our Yelp page, and sometimes they just saw we had decent ratings and sent us a message along with 5 other home repair services. Often, they don’t know much about the request they’re making (in this case the ceiling fan), and they’re using Yelp to find the local expert on it.

Here’s a link to our Yelp page if you’d like to see what they might be seeing.

Install a ceiling fan – the data

We do 5–10 of these per week. Our data shows the following for how long it takes:

Best case: 22m     Likely: 1h 8m     Worst case: 1h 49m

Variations on this task include replacing an existing fan, installing a new one, removing a light fixture and replacing it with a fan, troubleshooting an existing fan that isn’t working properly, and more. Additionally, sometimes customers have the new fan already purchased, and sometimes they’d prefer we shop for and transport the new fan. It’s important to know how high the ceilings are and if there’s already a ladder on site.

The Fixer voice

We are professional, and friendly. We are always sympathetic to the customer’s situation. Remember, listening is one of our core values. A friendly demeanor is always appreciated. Emojis are only sometimes ok — read the room and use your best judgement.

How Fixer discusses pricing

We charge $139/hr in Chicago, prorated to the minute after the first hour of services. Our Fixers come ready to work with all the standard tools & materials necessary for the task(s) at hand. 

If your Fixer needs any additional materials, she or he will head out to the nearest hardware store — our rate discounts to $89/hr while shopping

The next section includes 2 questions that simulate a Yelp customer chat. You will have 4 minutes total to complete your responses.

What is Fixer.com?

Fixer.com is a handyman service that can knock out your list in a single visit. Just tell us what’s broken and our team is here to help!

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