Our Mission:
We Fix Things. We Build People.

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We are dedicated to creating long-term, sustainable careers for skilled Fixers in the home repair trades.

The demand for skilled workers has far outpaced supply in urban areas across the US. There simply are not enough opportunities for young people to get into the building trades and create sustainable careers. We are doing something about that. In fact, we’ve made it part of our business.


Employee Owners

All of our Fixers are employee owners, not contractors. This means each one of our Fixers are vetted, bonded and insured. But also means that they are part of something - dedicated to the long-term relationship of our customers and the growth of our business. Our Fixers are full-time partners, with benefits and equity.


Skills Training and Apprenticeship Programs

All of our Fixers, regardless of their previous experience, are constantly learning - from informal sessions with fellow workers and online training, to classroom and apprentice based certifications. This keeps all of our Fixers up to date with the latest updates and innovation in the fields of home repair.


Our more experienced Fixers are not only dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, but are also mentors to our younger Fixers as part of our in-house training school. As these apprentices complete training and on-the-job experience, their careers advance.



We hire people who are not traditionally represented in the handyman workforce, namely women and underrepresented minorities. In that way, Fixers look a whole lot like the people who use our service: diverse. 

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It's In Our Company Charter

Fixer is a Public Benefit Corporation - meaning that in our articles of incorporation, our legal charter empowers and requires us to:

  1. Improve our employee's skills and career opportunities, and 
  2. Increase the quantity, skill, and diversity of skilled tradespeople in the communities we serve. 
The Corporation shall be a public benefit corporation as contemplated by subchapter XV of the General Corporation Law, or any successor provisions. The Corporation’s specific public benefits are (i) to improve its employees’ skills and career opportunities and (ii) to increase the quantity, skill, and diversity of skilled tradespeople available to the communities it serves.”
— Fixer PBC's Corporate Charter

Fixer: We Fix Things. We Build People.