Our Vision

We are creating a career path for gig economy workers. 

The demand for skilled workers has far outpaced supply in urban areas across the US. Fixer will give today's workers in-demand skills, well beyond driving a car or cleaning a home. These skills, such as plumbing, electrical work, and home repair have been staples of local economies for generations. Our training programs enable people who want to learn skills, and improve the community along the way.

Skills training and apprenticeship Programs

Fixers will have access to a variety of learning opportunities, from informal sessions with fellow workers, to online training courses provided by the company, to classroom-based certification training. All Fixers begin their employment as apprentices, and they are paid their normal wage while participating in training. 

We spend significant effort training Fixers not only to benefit their careers, but also so that our customers can depend on our work being the highest quality.


Real people Helping Real People

Fixers are the best in the business, and we hire people who are not traditionally represented in the handyman workforce, namely women and underrepresented minorities. In that way, Fixers look a whole lot like the people who use our service: diverse. 

Producing Entrepreneurs

Our company is different - one of our primary goals is to benefit our employees, in addition to our customers and shareholders. In fact, we aim to enable our most experienced Fixers to create businesses of their own based on what they learn while working at Fixer. They get to take what they learn and start their own companies. We think that's a difference worth shouting about.