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How to prepare your outdoor space for summer entertainment

How to prepare your outdoor space for summer entertainment


Need to spruce up the look of your outdoor space as the warmer weather rolls in? With family parties, outdoor holiday BBQs, or just laid-back summer nights spent on the deck, there’s lots to celebrate. But before you can light up the grill and chow down, consider these outdoor maintenance fixes to make your celebration the one that everyone can’t stop talking about.

Clean those window wells

Chicagoans know the joy of living in garden apartments: cheap rent, but those window wells don’t clean themselves. When the sun starts shining, an eyesore appears in the form of leftover debris of seasons past. Whether you’re renting or own a home, Fixers can clean out that debris and make your window well area look good-as-new. If the window well cover is old, cracked, or missing and needs replacing, we’d be happy to do that for you, too. (Don’t know which cover to get? We’ll do the shopping for you.)


You get a power wash, and you get a power wash, everything gets a power wash!

You might change your home’s indoor look with every season, but what about the outside? Even the outside of your home needs a refresh, especially in summer.  This is where Fixers go on a POWER WASHING SPREE! Fixers can power wash just about anything – your home, deck or patio, concrete – even outdoor furniture! (It’s amazing what a quick wash can rejuvenate – even Oprah thinks so.)

Let the good times roll

What’s a BBQ without some tunes? If you need more outdoor outlets for music, lights, or anything else you might need to plug in, Fixers can wire and install outdoor outlets and test that they are working properly, safely,. If you want to add a string of lights outdoors, we’ll hang and test those for you – no one will be talking about how you took down the power grid of the entire neighborhood, we promise.


Create a space

One of the best things about having a party is creating a space that everyone can relax in and enjoy. This includes lounging areas, eating and of course the BBQ.  If you need help putting together the grill, tables, or chairs, Fixer will assemble whatever you need to make your oasis the best it can be for you and your guests. We can also add hard-wired sconces, change out your outdoor fixtures or add motion-sensor lighting to help keep the party rolling past sunset.

Spruce up your outdoor space with Fixer

You can get your outdoor space ready for BBQ season quickly, and with confidence. Just book a Fixer on the time and date that works for you and we’ll get to your door on time, ready to make it happen.

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