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Planning a Move

Planning a Move

Many times a day, Fixers are asked to do repairs and upgrades in the home of someone who is dealing with a move. Whether it’s someone who is planning to move out of the place they have lived for years, someone moving into their dream home, or all of the above, we know that moving comes with stresses and joys, but most often stresses.

Having a rock solid plan and rock solid answers to the following questions are especially important when it comes to planning a move:

  1. Will you hire movers or try to do it yourself?

  2. What needs to be repaired before you move out?

  3. What improvements do you want to make to your new home?

In this article we will explore these questions and help you make the big decisions. Let’s dive in:

Will you hire movers or try to DIY?

If we were to make a recommendation, we would casually say, YOU SHOULD HIRE PROFESSIONAL MOVERS.” And when you do hire pros to help you move, you should go with the best. In our hometown of Chicago, we love working with our partners at Move-tastic!, because they have a highly trained team that is focused on making your move an easy and enjoyable experience. Imagine that! 


We generally recommend working with professional movers because the best of the best will take care of the most stressful parts of your move: packing, storage, and (perhaps most importantly) hauling your belongings from your old home to the new one. Companies like Move-tastic! will know what it takes to ensure that your most valuable belongings are cared for with the same attention to detail that you would apply.

What will need to be repaired before you move out?

Our friends at Move-tastic! have mentioned that they are often asked to fix things around the house as the move is happening. We think it’s fair to say that the best movers are the best because they focus on their craft: moving. On the other hand, the best handypeople are the best because they are highly trained and vetted at home repair. 

When those small, last-minute repair needs pop up, we suggest bringing in a pro to help with things like:

  • Patching & painting walls and ceilings

  • Checking all light fixtures and electrical outlets are in working order

  • Checking plumbing, faucets, sinks, baths, and showers for last minute issues

  • Properly unmounting TVs and removing other things like art, shelves, and cabinets that might be wall-mounted

Just doing these few things in advance of your move will give you peace of mind (and if a security deposit is in question – it’s more likely that you’ll get that back, too!).

How do you want to improve your new home?

Finally, the fun part! Everybody has a list of improvements and upgrades for their new home, but there are some basics that everybody should do as soon as you move in:

  • Check to make sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and that they are in working order

  • Change your locks

  • Add window treatments to keep the sun at bay, and the heat inside in winter

  • Check the plumbing to make sure there are no leaks and everything is flowing properly

  • Change the HVAC filter

  • Interior painting, which is waaaay easier before you move your furniture

  • Reassembling furniture

There are so many things to consider after you move in – getting the basics covered is a great first step. If you have a move coming up, congratulations! Fixer (and Move-tastic!) are ready to help.


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