Pay for the Time You Use

Your Fixer’s time is prorated to the minute after a one hour minimum. So, if your job takes 1 hour and 5 minutes to complete, you only pay $101.83. Certain jobs require more than one Fixer, and if that is the case, the rate is $94/hour per Fixer.



The Right Tools and Materials for the Job

We work to ensure that each Fixer arrives equipped to complete most projects with the right tools and materials already in hand. We bring basic materials to the job as needed and only charge for what we use.


Special Materials

If your project requires specific materials - like tiling a backsplash, staining a deck, or installing a toilet - we are happy to work with you to create a specific project material list and do the shopping for you for a flat $50 fee + 20% markup to cover time and driving expenses. Our hourly clock is always turned off and the fee is flat, no matter how much shopping we need to do (online and in-store), and doesn't start again until we begin working. This is a great opportunity to get the right materials the first time-- plus save time and money--by letting our experts do it right for you.



We are typically able to provide ballpark hourly estimates for most common home repair jobs online. The more you can tell us (or show us with pictures) up front, the better we can estimate for you. Your Fixer will always confirm the estimate once he/she arrives at your home and make sure that you’d like to proceed before getting to work. The final cost is determined based on the time and materials you use. 



Common Projects

No two projects are alike, but here's an overview for some common ones:


All of our Fixers are employee owners, committed to delighting customers through exceptional quality and reliable service.

Looking for more details about pricing? See our Pricing FAQ page.

Real People, Not Actors:

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The staff has been friendly, knowledgeable, professional and cost conscious. This is the only handyman service we will use in Chicago from here on out! Raving fan.
Arielle L.


First time user of Fixer but definitely not the last! They were super responsive, very competitive in pricing and very professional. Dana and Edgar were very polite and got the job done on time and under budget! Highly recommend!
Sharon R.