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Fixer is currently open in Chicago, by invitation only. Want in? Fill out the form below and we will contact you soon - all you have to do is start preparing your to-fix list. 

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What is Fixer?

Fixer is an On-Demand Handyman Service - We are building an on-demand company with workers ready to respond within an hour to help you with your project. You know that handful of projects you've been meaning to get done? We got 'em.

We don't do bids - We charge a fair hourly rate and get the job done as quick as possible. One of the reasons we started Fixer is that pricing in this industry is typically less than transparent - we're here to fix that.

We're good at estimating - We let you know the likely number of hours, and we do our best to come in under that timeframe. We're different from other companies because we target projects that last less than one work day. If we think your project will take longer than that, we will introduce you to a provider in our huge referral network.


“Fixer is great. Katie came prepared with everything she needed and did a great job. I will be using fixer for all my handyman needs.”
— Austin S.
“The Fixer got there fast and did great work. She made sure the job was done and done right - and then made sure the cleanup was complete, too!”
— Chris G.
“As a contractor, I get paid quickly and without drama. A good company to work for!”
— Keith J.