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Got a painting project? Need help repairing wall damage?

Our skilled Fixers provide expert service on a variety of painting and wall repair projects from patching holes and replacing drywall to painting walls and repairing trim. Whether it’s an on-site visit in the Chicagoland, Dallas or Seattle area, our Fixers provide friendly, expert service to ensure your walls are picture-perfect.

See below for a few of the common painting, staining, and wall repair projects we handle.

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Repair Drywall or Plaster
(Small-Medium Patch)


Labor Time  60-180 min
Avg. Materials  $10
Includes: Repair holes, mud, sand to smooth finish.
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Paint Wall

Labor Time  90-300 min
Avg. Materials  $10
Includes: Prep wall (sand, fill holes), paint 2 coats (cost varies depending on size of project).
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Trim Paint Touch Up

Labor Time  90-300 min
Avg. Materials  $25
Includes: Light sand and paint trim (cost varies depending on size of job).
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Stain Deck

Labor Time  350-560 min
Avg. Materials  $100
Includes: Deck prep (replacing rotted wood, pressure washing and sanding), 2 coats of sealant.
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Don’t see your project? Don’t worry!

Fixers can help diagnose any household repair and get to work right away.
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