The Team


Mike Evans 
Ambiguously Titled Executive

Mike joined Fixer because he is excited about creating a viable career path for gig economy workers to become independent small business owners as they increase their skills in the trades. Prior to Fixer, Mike started GrubHub, rode his bike across the US, wrote a sci-fi novel. The most complicated thing he’s ever built is a wristwatch.


Jake Battle
Head Keyboard Smasher

Jake joined Fixer to make it easier for people to keep their homes looking their best. Prior to Fixer, Jake jousted on lawn tractors and learned to play the accordion. The most complicated thing Jake ever built was a small boat. It sank.


Josh Evnin 
product maker/shaker/baker

Josh joined Fixer because generally, home repair is an absolute mess. When asked where he should start on his to-do list, his typical answer is "Um, Netflix?" There has to be a better way. Prior to Fixer, Josh built & designed products at EatPakd, GiveForward, GrubHub, and ThoughtWorks. Shout out to his boys, Asher & Max.


Zach Danielson 

Zach joined Fixer because he needed help repairing his gutters. Serious help. Before Fixer, Zach led engineering teams at GrubHub and Wyzant. He loves (in no specific order) superheroes, time travel stories, puns, board games, his wife, and his three boys. Zach is the only developer in the world who doesn't drink coffee.