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6 Renovation Projects for Pets

6 Renovation Projects for Pets

We don’t know who’s happier!

We don’t know who’s happier!

Is there any limit to the lengths we would go for our pets? Of course not! According to a 2017 report by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), 99% of the people who own pets see these animals as members of the family. As homeowners and pet owners ourselves, we understand that making your pet BFF as comfortable as they can be keeps them happy, which keeps US happy.

One way to do that is to get started on a few home renovations to accommodate your pets. These often improve quality of life for pets and humans alike, but can also benefit you down the line: If you choose to sell your home in the future, potential buyers (who are more likely to be pet people than not) are sure to appreciate it.

Read on to find out what pet projects Fixer can help you with.


Installation of dog and cat doors

Installation of pet doors for dogs was the second most popular renovation project among the pet owners surveyed by NAR. Give your pet the power to go out in the yard when they want! If you’re out of the house for most of the day, or working from home and your call is running long, Fido can take care of himself.  It becomes super convenient for you and your pet, which is a big part of the reason why dog and cat doors were invented in the first place.

Keep kitty’s business out of sight

Cat litter boxes are the unavoidable downside to having cats in the home. Even with all of the newest innovations, it’s still pretty messy. A cat closet, or the conversion of an existing closet, allows kitty to enter and leave as they wish while helping you to keep their litter box out of sight.

Pet built-ins to make your life easier!

Pet gates

Many a dog owner has turned to the removable baby gate to separate spaces for their pets. While functional, they’re generally pretty ugly, and they are a nightmare to store (they never quite fit into the closet do they?).  Instead, opt for a built-in gate. You can design the size and material to seamlessly integrate into the design of the rooms it separates, and create a hinge or slider system to keep it out of the way when you want the door open.


Pet beds

Sometimes your pet needs to lay low – literally. You can convert a low shelf or cabinet into a built-in pet bed making it easy for your pet to relax on a level that’s easy for them to access, especially as they’re aging. Plus, they just look cute.

Pet bowls 

No more early morning chaos ensuing from a knocked-over water or food bowl in your kitchen. With a built-in food bowl, pets can happily access their food and you can avoid wet socks. Win-win.


Cat shelves

Who needs a cat tree that’s hefty and bulky when you can install nifty cat shelves instead? Your furry friends will achieve the heights they love and get exercise, while you’ll have something to talk about with everyone who visits.

Need to get started on your very own pet project? From pet doors to shelving, we’ll make sure they’re as comfortable as you are in your space.


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