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Why YouTube videos may not be enough to fix things around the house

Why YouTube videos may not be enough to fix things around the house

We love YouTube DIY videos – we’ve even got our own Fixer YouTube channel! YouTube is a great place for learning and we’re here to help when you need more personalized, step-by-step guidance. We can help if: You can’t find your specific situation reflected in tutorials. You’re not sure what tools or materials to get before you start. If you’ve already gone back and rewatched some clip 43 times. Now there’s a solution to all that: virtual home maintenance help, from a pro, in real-time.

Here are some of the top reasons to use a virtual home maintenance service:

Reassurance before you DIY

As you’ve been hunkering down at home, you may have taken on some DIY projects. Nearly four in five homeowners admitted they’ve noticed home improvement projects they need to take care of while in quarantine, according to new research. We like to say that people can complete a lot of projects and repairs with just a screwdriver and some coaching. If you’re a little nervous about starting a particular project, a skilled handyperson can provide some reassurance and guidance. We can warn you about problems to look out for during the project that are specific to your home. Getting an expert’s opinion before you get started could save time and money down the line.

Watch Fixer John help Phil with his gutters from across the country:

P.S. We’ve put together a variety of easy-to-follow DIY guides

Advice on next steps

You just got a quote from a plumber for a major repair project and you might be thinking, is this really what this repair should cost? Is there a different and less expensive solution? We’re here to advise you on next steps for any project – big or small. We’ll help you weigh different options specific to your situation and estimate the cost of each. We can suggest who to hire (plumber, electrician, handyman) or whether or not you should DIY depending on your comfort level and the project scope. 

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Tackle an inspection report punch list

Got a post-inspection to-do list? Turning over a rental unit for a new tenant? Jump on a video call where a home repair expert can go through your list and help you prioritize the tasks. We can advise you on what should be repaired now and what can wait, as well as which repairs you can do yourself or who you should hire. If you’re in Chicago, we can handle a variety of common repairs that are likely on your list.

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Coordinate a repair with a tenant

We’re here to help landlords and real estate professionals. We have done group video calls with a landlord, their tenant, and a Fixer to coordinate an emergency repair. We help coordinate maintenance for landlords that live out of state or who otherwise want to save the time and cost of a simple repair. Fixer provides simple scheduling, progress reports, and invoicing. If we’re unable to help virtually, then we can schedule an in-home visit or recommend next steps. 

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When you’re in need of a little extra guidance beyond YouTube, consider booking a one-on-one video consultation with a Fixer. Think of us as a house call for home repair. Try it out and let us know what you think. 

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