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Let us help make your home a little more cozy this season.

We know it’s coming, so why not let our experts help you get ahead of the game. We can quickly and efficiently help you block the cold winter drafts and help to make your home more efficient this winter.

Here’s a little more about what to expect in your visit from Fixer to winterize your home.


Fixer is committed to doing things right. When we winterize your home, we work with quality materials and installation techniques that will create a real impact – in other words, we don’t work with the peel and stick cheap stuff.

We can tackle a few issues for you or can even offer a full home consultation to gain the best energy efficiency and warmth for winter.

Our pricing for Winterization is the same as all of our work: A simple hourly rate + materials, with a 1 hour minimum.

Some common cold areas and the things we can do to help:


  • Evaluate the fit of door in jamb 
  • Add weather stripping along door frames and jambs
  • Install Door sweeps
  • Replace screen doors with storm door inserts


  • Evaluate windows and frames for drafts
  • Add weather stripping, temporary caulk to block cold air
  • Apply window film (great for apartment dwellers seeking less permanent solutions)
  • Switch out screens for storm windows
  • Remove or cover window AC units


  • Move / cover outdoor patio furniture
  • Drain exterior water spigots for winter
  • Add exterior valve covers
    • Both help to prevent frozen and burst exterior pipes in the thick of winter

Overall Efficiency / Safety

  • Install smart thermostats
  • Add tread tape to exterior stairs
  • Check outdoor lighting / motion light timers

Book a Fixer today for a cozier tomorrow!

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