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Effortlessly maintain your home at predictable rates.

Annual Plan: $199/year

We’re reshaping the way homeowners think about home maintenance costs. With our Annual Plan, our members take advantage of a pricing structure designed for clarity, fairness, and value.

  • Receive a 15% discounted labor rate on each visit 
  • We never charge for time your Fixer spends shopping for parts at the hardware store
  • No “trip fees” for membership properties


What Does a Membership Plan Look Like?

Most of our members schedule their visits monthly, ranging from 1-4 hours of service on each visit. You’ll stay on top of your home maintenance and repairs throughout the year, without the hassle. 

Here’s how a year played out for Mira, a Fixer Member since 2021:

  • January

    $165 for 1.5 hours of work. Tasks included upgrading smoke detectors, replacing HVAC filter, fix closet door handle, replace light bulbs on foyer chandelier.

  • February

    $220 for 2 hours of work. Tasks included weatherizing cold drafts, replace kitchen stove vent filter, clean jacuzzi jets, and plan ahead for sealing grout.

  • March

    $220 for 2 hours of work. Cleaned and sealed bathroom grout.

  • April

    $275 for 2.5 hours of work. Tasks included garbage disposal checkup, replace water filter, replace HVAC filter, clean behind kitchen appliances, and install new supports under shelving.

  • May

    $192 for 1.75 hours of work. Tasks included pressure washing balcony, assemble patio furniture, and hang pictures in hallway.

  • June

    $165 for 1.5 hours of work. Tasks included seasonal AC checkup, upgrade exterior door lock to smart lock, and replace outdoor porch light fixture.

  • July

    $138 for 1.25 hour of work. Tasks included checking condition of window screens, testing smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, clean bathroom exhaust fans, and repairing front gate latch.

  • August

    $248 for 2.25 hours of work. Tasks included replacing HVAC filter, mounting TV in guest bedroom, snaking clogged shower drains, and repairing 5 window screens.

  • September

    $110 for 1 hour of work. Tasks included cleaning dryer vent and exhaust, seasonal gas fireplace checkup, and test HVAC furnace.

  • October

    $358 for 3.25 hours of work. Tasks included cleaning shower heads, clean dishwasher filter, winterizing outdoor water spigots, re-caulking a bathroom shower/tub, and install a Ring doorbell.

  • November

    Member went on vacation and skipped this month.

  • December

    $220 for 2 hours of work. Tasks included taking out holiday decor from storage, assembling Christmas tree and hanging lights, fixing jammed window lock, and repairing broken electrical outlet.

Please note, pricing displayed is subject to change depending on your location, and the needs of your home.

Hourly Service Rates

Our hourly labor rate varies by location. To check your local rate, enter your zip code. 

No Hidden Charges

Labor Rate Details

  • We charge a 1-hour minimum. After the first hour is completed, we charge by the minute
  • When booking, we will do our best to provide an accurate estimate
  • Some jobs may require a charge for a second Fixer to safely complete the project. We’ll let you know if that’s the case.

Special Materials & Shopping Trips

  • Our Fixers are skilled in shopping for special materials to complete projects
  • Members never pay for labor time on shopping trips. Non-members are charged labor time for shopping trips.
  • Materials Fixer provides include an industry standard 20% markup fee on your invoice. You may provide materials, of course. 


  • We accept all major credit cards for contactless payment
  • We’ll send an invoice link by text and email after your visit is completed
  • You will be able to provide an optional tip for your Fixer while paying

Get Your Home Maintenance Plan

Get an interactive home maintenance plan that aligns with your priorities! With routine visits from your favorite Fixer, we can help you make homeownership a breeze.

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