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We fix things. We build people.

Our team of skilled women and men deliver best in class service from start to finish. We’re committed to excellence - in who we train and hire, in our values and in our work.

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We Fix Everything in Your Home

Our team specializes in common household repairs and can knock out a long, varied To-Do list in a single visit. We respond promptly, show up when promised, and deliver quality repairs & upgrades for our customers every single day.

Our Fixers have over 200 years of home repair experience between them, and we’re committed to keep sharpening those skills.

Fixing for Good

We are dedicated to creating long-term, sustainable careers for skilled Fixers in the home repair trades.

Victory Auto Service & Glass - LogoThe demand for skilled workers has far outpaced supply in urban areas across the US. There simply are not enough opportunities for young people to get into the building trades and create sustainable careers vs. contract work. We have taken this challenge head on by creating our own training program and career track. In fact, our mission is written into our business charter. It’s a true commitment to our community.
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B Corporation Certified

We’ve been officially recognized as one of only a few businesses (think Ben & Jerry’s, Allbirds, and more!) that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We hire people who are not traditionally represented in the handyman workforce, namely women and underrepresented populations. In that way, Fixers look a whole lot like the people who use our service: diverse.

The Best Service from the Best People.

Fixers are offered full-time employment, with benefits. This is a career, not a gig.

We provide salaries, benefits, equity, continuous training and progressive career opportunities. We accept only the best and brightest.

Our Fixers are fairly compensated, dedicated employees, not side-hustlers. This means our Fixers are vetted, background checked, and trained — with access to a team of peers who can always lend a hand. We are dedicated to long-term customer relationships and exemplary service. 

We have a culture of honesty, service, learning  and inclusivity. All of our Fixers, regardless of their experience, collaborate together in learning sessions, participate in continuous skills improvement, and safety training. This keeps all of our Fixers up to date with the latest innovation in the fields of home repair.

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“Fixer was really great for accomplishing a lot of smaller projects in our home. Wayne and Eligio were prompt, polite, super helpful, and did great work! I had a lot of smaller tasks to get done that varied in skill level.”
— Carol C
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“Had a difficult project assigned to Jen-- replace/install kitchen sink, garbage disposal and work around previous wrong installations prior to her visit. Jen was able to correct everything and most importantly, give assurance in the end that it was the right decision to pick Fixer.”
— James P

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