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Door Repair Service Area in Colorado

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Creaking hinges? Stubborn door? We can solve a number of door and framing issues in a single visit.

Our skilled Fixers can replace interior and exterior doors, storm and screen doors, door knobs, handles, lock sets and install smart locks. We can also winterize your doors to keep the cold air out (and savings in your pocket). Contact Fixer to schedule an in-home visit in the Chicagoland, Dallas or Seattle areas, to help you get the job done.

See below for a few of the common door projects we… handle.

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Door Frame & Jamb Adjustment

Labor Time  40-180 min
Avg. Materials  $15
Includes: Troubleshoot current frame/jamb for missing parts, gaps and areas that are out of plumb. Adjust door in frame to open and close freely.
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Door Replacement

Labor Time  60-120 min
Avg. Materials  $25


Measurement of rough opening for proper replacement door product/size. Interior/Exterior door replacement – door slabs or pre-hung. Some doors do require two Fixers for transport and installation.

Cost does not include door, but our team is happy to order and transport the door to your home for an additional charge.

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Knob Repair or Replacement

Labor Time  40-60 min
Avg. Materials  $10


Troubleshoot existing hardware and repair locking mechanism. Recommend and procure replacement if necessary.

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Smart Lock or Doorbell Installation

Labor Time  60-120 min
Avg. Materials  $15


Removal of old lockset and installation of new smart lock set, sync with mobile app. (Note: Customer must be present to program lock with phone / personal keycode). We are a Nest Certified dealer and installer.

Price does not include cost of smart lock product.

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Door Winterization

Labor Time    60-120 min
Avg. Materials    $30
Includes: Got the wind whistling through your doorway? We can help you stop the cold air and save money on heating bills. Learn more about out Winterization Services

Don’t see your project? Don’t worry!

Fixers can help diagnose any household repair and get to work right away.
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