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Common Electrical
Projects + Estimates

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Flickering lights? Need a new ceiling fan or thermostat?

Our skilled Fixers can quickly and correctly handle your electrical repairs, wiring and appliance installations. We’ll say it: A visit from Fixer can really brighten your day!

See below for a few of the common electrical projects we handle.

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Repair or Replace a Light Fixture

Labor Time    30-65 min
Avg. Materials    $11
Includes: Remove old fixture and replace with new, troubleshoot and repair faulty wiring.
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Outlet Repair & Installation

Labor Time  20-60 min
Avg. Materials  $10
Includes: Troubleshoot, repair wiring, or replace outlet if needed, or install a new outlet (standard or GFCI outlets).
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Light Switch Repair

Labor Time  25-45 min
Avg. Materials  $10
Includes: Troubleshoot, repair or replace (we do dimmers and smart switches too).
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Repair or Replace a Light Fixture

Labor Time  60-80 min
Avg. Materials  $20
Includes: Remove old fixture, add fan rated junction box and install fan.
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Appliance Installation

Labor Time 30-90 min
Avg. Materials $20
Includes: Appliance hook up and testing per manufacturer installation instructions (dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, washer/dryers). Some heavier items may require two Fixers to complete.
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Smoke Detector Installation

Labor Time 15-30 min
Avg. Materials $10
Includes: Install battery-operated smart detectors or replace wired detectors (where wiring already exists).
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Thermostat Installation

Labor Time  15-60 min
Avg. Materials  $10


Remove old thermostat, repair drywall, install new and program. (we are Nest Certified Installers!)

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Relocate Outlet or Switch

Labor Time 50-120 min
Avg. Materials $25


Move box, replace outlet/switch, patch/repair drywall and paint.

Don’t see your project? Don’t worry!

Fixers can help diagnose any household repair and get to work right away.
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