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Need help weatherproofing your windows or hanging new window treatments?

Keep the temperature you want indoors, and the savings in your pocket! From winterizing to beautifying, our skilled Fixers can quickly and correctly help you take great care of your windows. 

See below for a few of the common window projects we handle.

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Window Caulk & Weatherprooffing

Labor Time  60-90 min
Avg. Materials  $10
Includes: Troubleshoot cold spots and drafts, apply appropriate weather proofing products, can also seal window casings. (Price assumes typical 4 -6 window small home or condo)
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Install Blinds & Window Treatments

Labor Time  40-60 min
Avg. Materials  $5


Install customer-supplied blinds or treatments. We can also set up a consult to measure for blinds and order appropriate products for you for an additional fee.

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Window Repair

Labor Time  30-90 min
Avg. Materials  $10
Includes: Troubleshoot stuck or inoperable window, repair/replace ballast (if possible). Some window repairs will require two Fixers for safety and some jobs may be out of our scope – our Concierge team will be happy to determine that with you and make alternative recommendations if that’s the case.

Don’t see your project? Don’t worry!

Fixers can help diagnose any household repair and get to work right away.
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