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How Fixer Does Decks
And patios, and balconies, and porches...

Deck Cleaning & Staining

Sun, rain, and snow all take their toll on your outdoor deck. Having it cleaned and sealed annually will keep it in tip-top shape, and will help it look great, too!


Fixer is committed to offering you a service experience that yields the best possible results.  When we stain a deck for you, here is how our two day process works:

Day One – Prep and Wash

  • Review project with you in person to assess the condition of your deck and point out any small repairs that may be needed
  • Confirm the stain product, color and amount that’s needed for your deck
  • Move your furniture
  • Pressure wash all surfaces
  • Let surfaces dry for 24 hours

Day Two – Sand and Stain

  • Replace any rotted or warped boards=
  • Sand as necessary
  • Apply stain – we recommend these and can provide your preferred tint, or we can use another stain of your choice
  • Allow 24 hours for the product to fully cure before using your deck


Fixer charges $600 per Fixer per day, charged in half-day increments. It reduces the cost of our typical hourly rate for you, but also accommodates some of the surprises that come with prepping a deck for stain, and achieving the desired finish.

The cost of your deck project depends on several factors. Most importantly, the size and condition of your deck, and then any spindles, railings, or stairs you’d like included as well.

We would be happy to come take a look in person and offer a free estimate — all you need to do is book online.


We offer a broad selection of stain colors as part of our standard materials. You pick the color, and your Fixer will handle the rest!



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