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Going on Vacation? Check These Areas in Your Home First

Going on Vacation? Check These Areas in Your Home First


Vacation… it’s all you ever wanted. But before you pack your bags and go, you’ll need to check certain areas of your home. We know that leaving your home behind for a few days while you are (hopefully) exploring new and fun places can cause worry and stress, but here’s some good news: With a little bit of pre-trip prep, you’ll be able to focus on more important things like, “Which tropical drink should I order next?”


Sump Pump

Let’s face it, Chicago: it’s been one heck of a wet spring and summer. Your sump pump (if you have one) has likely been working its little heart out keeping your basement dry.  It’s a great idea to make sure everything is in working order, and that you have a fully charged battery back up in place before you leave. These summer storms are going to keep coming whether you are home or not, and you want to make sure the pump is prepped for any potential power outages that come with these fast-moving storms.


Lots of folks assume that you can save money if you turn off your air conditioning completely while you’re away, but you might actually end up spending more. If you have a programmable thermostat like Nest (something we highly recommend), be sure to set your air conditioning to kick on when temps hit around 78 – 80 degrees. This will help your home to maintain a steady temp and humidity level while also conserving your energy. Bonus!


But if you really want to turn things off, there are a few appliances to unplug.

Rid your home of energy vampires while you’re out. You can save quite a bit in energy costs while away by simply unplugging the things around your home like the TV, cable box, microwave, phone and computer chargers, and printers. (Leave the fridge on though, ok?)

Safety First!

Windows and Doors

This one seems obvious but it’s worth making sure you systematically check all of your home’s windows and doors to make sure they are tightly closed and locked to prevent unwanted critters – or other humans – from getting in while you’re gone. If you notice a lock or seal is faulty, let us know – we’re here to help.

Give a spare key to a family member or neighbor

It doesn’t hurt to have a family member or neighbor check in while you’re away just to provide ease of mind.

Temporary mail stop

If you’re having someone check in periodically, they should be able to collect your mail for you. Just in case, you can put a temporary hold on your mail while you’re gone.


Go on vacation with peace of mind.

While we can’t check your mail, we can take care of any home repairs you notice before you head out of the city. Once you check these areas in your home, you can go on vacation with peace of mind!


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