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7 Projects to Get Your Home Ready for a Staycation

7 Projects to Get Your Home Ready for a Staycation

Coronavirus disrupted summer travel plans so it makes sense that more people are opting for a ‘staycation.’ Booking some time off to kick back and enjoy your own home or – safely – exploring new sights in your city can be just as rewarding. We’ve all been spending more time at home which gets us to thinking about how we can make our spaces more serene. We could all use a space that lends itself to R&R. 

???? Create an outdoor oasis 

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Whether you have a big backyard or just a porch, you can create an outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air. If you’re in Chicago, Fixer can stain and seal your deck, plus assemble some comfortable furniture for lounging. We can also string up some twinkle lights to add to the ambience. 

???? Add mood lighting 

Install new light switches with dimmers (we can help!) in the living room then enjoy a romantic home-cooked meal or movie night. 

???? Install light-blocking curtains

Add some light-blocking drapes in the bedroom so you can sleep in – or fall asleep early after reading a good book. Fixer is here to help you install window treatments, in-home or by video call. 

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???? Bring greenery inside 

Adding a few plants or flower bouquets around your home brings a sense of nature and calm. Succulents and aloe are great low-maintenance houseplants. Or, you could opt for a faux plant. Fixer can help you assemble and mount some cool plant boxes. We can also install a few hanging plant pots from the ceiling which are great for keeping plants away from pets. We recommend you hang ceiling planters near a window so they get plenty of light. 


???? Paint an accent wall in a calming color

Choose one wall to paint in a pretty, muted shade. Sky blue, blush, and pale yellow are some naturally soothing colors. Ahhhh we’re feeling the zen already! Get the whole family to help out with this project or book a Fixer

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???? Turn your shower into a spa with a rain shower head

Install a new rainfall effect shower head to get hotel vibes at home. Check out our DIY guide to replace a shower faucet. We’re here to assist if you get stuck. 

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???? Tidy up

A clean, well-organized home can help you de-stress. Book a Fixer to mount a few floating shelves or assemble a bookcase. Additionally, learn how to organize your home and re-energize your space

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If your vacation budget is burning a hole in your pocket, spend some of it on home upgrades then take a well-deserved staycation. We’re here to help with any project, big or small. 

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