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Introducing Fixer
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Introducing Fixer

To do:

  • Fix the downspout.
  • Oil the creaky front gate.
  • Paint that patch where the old TV used to be.
  • Figure out what’s wrong with the in-sink disposal.
  • When was the last time I changed the filters in the air conditioner?
  • … 

The list goes on. Annoying, but ignorable. Like most people, I’ve got a collection of mundane tasks around the house that require attention, but simply can’t compete with a good book, or binge watching iZombie (IT’S SO GOOD.).  

Then one day, something breaks that can’t be ignored. I grab my tools, and search some Youtube videos. I’m feeling productive, and maybe I’ll work through a few more items on my list. Then, a few hours later, it turned out to be more complicated than I suspected. That trip to Clark-Devon Hardware took forever. Exhausted, I abandon any hope of working through the rest of that stupid list.

Let’s say I wanted to find somebody to help with that list. I’ve got a guy, but I haven’t called him in six months. Is he even going to want to show up for an hour to work through one of these things? If I take time off work, will he actually show up? I guess I could use one of those websites that gives me a bunch of names to call. Maybe they’ll even pick up the phone.  

I mean, I can order a pizza, or a car, or groceries with my phone. Why can’t I just order a handyman? (handywoman? handyperson?)  Like…right now.   

Well, you can.

I’d like to introduce Fixer.

  • We’re a right now handyman service. We’re at your door in under an hour.
  • We charge a simple hourly rate, and we even prorate. If a job takes six minutes, then we charge for six minutes.
  • Fixers are our employees, not independent contractors.  

A little bit about that last point: That’s the real difference. That’s the real why.

We’re starting Fixer not only to simplify the process of completing handiwork, but to create a strong career path for gig-economy workers. The Uber drivers and Instacart shoppers, and GrubHub drivers of the world are working freelance, non-skilled jobs, not developing careers. We think there is a better way.

Our goal is to hire apprentice level fixers, increase their skills through training and apprenticeship, and retain them with a fair wage and benefits. (Old School, y’all.)

We think that the only way to guarantee the level of quality necessary to be repeatedly invited into someone’s home is to have a skilled, professional team. Building yet another gig- economy contractor home services network just won’t cut it. It’s been tried before and is anyone really happy? Prompt, professional “Fixers” with transparent pricing getting the job done right—that’s the experience that customers expect and deserve.

Right now, we’re launching in Private Beta in Chicago. Anyone can sign up for an invite to Fixer. As we bring more Fixers into our team, we’ll invite more people to enjoy our quality service.  

Check it out and request your invitation at Fixer.com



Posted by: Mike Evans

Posted by: Mike Evans



The right now handyman service, by the folks who brought you GrubHub 1.0.

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Fixer.com is a handyman service that can knock out your list in a single visit. Just tell us what’s broken and our team is here to help!

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