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Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

October is Fire Prevention Month! Here at Fixer, we take this topic very seriously and routinely help our members incorporate fire safety measures within their homes. We’ve put together a list of fire safety tips for your home, so you can stay prepared.

Before we dive into fire safety tips for your home, let’s have a quick history lesson. Did you know Fire Prevention Week is recognized in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire? This historic tragedy occurred on October 8, 1871, and caused devastating damage. Over 250 lives were lost, 100,000 were left homeless, 17,400 structures were destroyed, and over 2,000 acres of land was burned. Today, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) celebrates Fire Prevention Week and Month by spreading fire safety awareness. They continue to educate communities, families, and students across the United States with the help from local fire departments. 

Did you know?

  • A fire department responds to a fire every 23 seconds in America (NFPA) 
  • Unattended cooking is the #1 cause of home fires (NFPA)
  • Almost 3 of every 5 home fire deaths resulted from fires with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms (NFPA)
  • Carbon monoxide is the #1 cause of accidental poisoning in the U.S. (CDC)
  • Clothes dryers average about 15,000 fires and $200 million in property damage each year in the U.S. (NFPA)

Good news is that there’s several things you can be doing to make sure your your home doesn’t fall into these stats. We’ve put together a list of fire safety tips for your home, that we also practice for our members. Another great resource we love is the U.S. Fire Administration’s Fire Safety Checklist for Homeowners and Renters

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  • Make sure to have detectors installed on every level of your home
  • Test the devices and batteries every 6 months
  • Replace the devices every 7-10 years
  • We recommend First Alert’s Fire Prevention Month guide on where to place your alarms throughout your home

Electrical and Appliance Safety 

  • Inspect your electrical cords annually, to make sure they are not broken or cut 
  • Clean your lint dryer vent after each use
  • Every 6 months, move the dryer from the wall and clean the back backside where the ducting connects, clean out or replace duct hose, and clean exterior vent 
  • Check to make sure all electrical plug outlets are safe and not warm to the touch

Fire Extinguishers

  • Check to make sure the extinguishers are fully charged
  • Replace any extinguishers if needed
  • Purchase the proper type of extinguisher for every level of your home and garage  
  • Purchase a fire blanket to have on hand for potential candle and kitchen accidents

Gas Fireplace 

  • Seasonally inspect your gas fire place for proper functionality 
  • Check for any gas leaks
  • Clean components 

Our Fixer crew is committed to keeping your home safe all year round. That’s why we’ve created our Fixer Membership plan. With our Interactive Home Maintenance Platform, our members easily login to manage their to-do list and plan ahead. You’ll never have to worry about your preventative maintenance checks, repairs that pop up, and upgrading your home. You’ll be able to count on your assigned Fixer to get it done. We know adulting can be hard, which is why we make maintaining your home a cakewalk. 

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