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Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

America has officially banned incandescent light bulbs, but what does that mean? This rule was originally issued in 2007 and toggled between administrations, until it was passed in April 2022. It fully went into effect on Tuesday, August 1, 2023. We’ve simplified the take aways for what the incandescent light bulb ban includes below.

What you need to know:

  • This rule states that light bulbs must emit a minimum of 45 lumens per watt. The definition of a lumen is a measure of brightness. Therefore, this outlaws the manufacture and sale of common household incandescent bulbs. Traditional incandescent bulbs only provide 15 lumens per watt.
  • There are some incandescent light bulbs that are an exception to this ban. These include bulbs for appliances, black lights, bug lamps, infrared lamps, plant lights, flood lights, and other speciality lights. You can learn more about these types here.
  • You do not have to throw away your incandescent bulbs, you can use them up until they stop working. The incandescent light bulb ban is only for the sale of these bulbs, not the usage of them.
  • LED lights are being used as the main replacement of incandescent lights. An LED light will get 75 lumens per watt and have a way longer life span than an incandescent light.
  • Over the next 30 years, The Department of Energy estimated that US consumers will save $3 billion on utility bills. Along with cutting planet-warming carbon emissions by 222 million metric tons by enforcing light bulb rules.
Fixer.com job showing an incandescent recessed light upgraded to an LED light unit.

The age of LED lighting is upon us! Many have already made the switch from incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent bulbs. LED bulbs provide a more energy-efficient approach to light up your home. Here at Fixer, we’ve seen an uptick in customers upgrading their recessed ceiling lights, also known as downlights or can lights, to LED units. Customers love the energy saving costs and long lasting effects of LED lighting. As part of our Fixer membership plan, your assigned handyman will update those hard-to-reach light fixtures with LED bulbs.

One of our Fixers, Becky, changing out light bulbs and cleaning a kitchen light fixture.

If you’re ready to make the switch to LED lighting, we’re ready to make that happen for you! Learn more by visiting fixer.com.

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