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Wintertime Home Maintenance Checklist
Winter Checklist

Wintertime Home Maintenance Checklist

Protect your home and prevent repairs by following our wintertime home maintenance checklist and tips. Need help tackling your to-do list? Schedule a Fixer today, we have same day bookings available for no extra fees!

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Weatherize doors & windows to keep cool air out

Do you have any cold drafts inside your property? If so, you’ll want to investigate those before it gets too cold, especially if you leave town or if you have a space that is remaining otherwise unoccupied.

  • Add or close storm windows
  • Replace screen doors with storm door inserts
  • Add weather stripping on door frames, and door jambs
  • Install a door sweep at the bottom of the door to block the air draft
  • Use weather stripping or temporary caulk to block cold air on window frames
  • Apply window film to keep heat in (great for apartments)
  • Remove or cover any window air conditioner units
  • Install/upgrade blinds or curtains to improve insulation
Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter exterior home maintenance must-dos

Some of the most crucial preventative maintenance tasks happen during the wintertime to avoid major repairs or accidents. These are a group of to-dos you do not want to skip!

Additionally, we see a lot of problems and questions regarding frozen pipes. Learn more by reading our blog post on frozen pipes.

  • Turn off any outdoor water outlets to prevent pipes from bursting
  • Winterize and insulate outdoor spigots or valves
  • Turn off and winterize sprinkler system
  • Drain your hoses and store them indoors
  • Apply anti-slip tape to outdoor stairs to prevent falls
  • Test outdoor lighting to make sure visibility is clear for icy conditions
  • Inspect your home’s exterior for signs of wear, hazards, and proper drainage
  • Clean the gutters for proper drainage when snow melts
  • Test automatic garage door safety shutoff
  • Check and lubricate hinges, rollers, chains and pulleys on garage door(s)
  • Check to make sure all exterior doors & gates lock properly
  • Make sure any handrails are secured
  • Inspect attic or ceiling for any leaks or water damage
  • Remove any overhanging tree branches near your chimney, these can be a fire hazard
Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Holiday lighting installation and decor assembly

The holidays bring a busy schedule for most families. Aside from prepping your home maintenance for wintertime, adding a layer of holiday lighting and decor setup can bog people down. Below is a list of holiday tasks we can help with!

  • Fetch holiday lights and decor out of storage
  • Install holiday lights to your home’s exterior, bushes, and trees
  • Set up exterior holiday decor and figurines
  • Assemble Christmas tree
  • Check to make sure the holiday lights don’t cause a power outage with an overloaded circuit
  • Disassemble holiday lights and decor when the season is over
Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Routine home maintenance interior checks & tasks

It’s a great habit to start checking your home’s interior features on a seasonal basis. Make sure everything is functioning properly or take note of anything that might need a professional opinion.

  • Check your fireplace and confirm the chimney cap is attached
  • Clean ash and debris out of your fireplace’s firebox
  • Replace furnace filter, this should be done every 3 months
  • Install a smart home thermostat for energy efficiency
  • Test or upgrade your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check that ceiling fans are set clockwise for the colder season (there’s a little switch on the base of the fan)
  • Inspect, rotate, and replace fire extinguishers
  • Clean out your dryer vent hose
  • Test all GFCI outlets are functioning properly
  • Check the function of your main water shut off in case of any wintertime pipe issues
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General home maintenance checklist

As a home owner in general there are a multitude of things to be checking throughout the year. Below is a list of common tasks to keep your plumping, appliances, and overall home’s function in good shape.

  • Clean kitchen vent hood and microwave filter
  • Run a clean cycle on the clothes washer
  • Deodorize and sharpen the garbage disposal blades
  • Clean out clothing dryer lint exhaust
  • Change the refrigerator water filter
  • Pull appliances out to vacuum behind
  • Clean dishwasher filter
  • Inspect for leaks around toilets and sinks
  • Inspect tub/shower and sink drains for debris; unclog if necessary
  • Inspect grout and caulking in kitchen & bathrooms for damage
  • Clean all faucet aerators
  • Check that first floor windows have functioning locks or bars
Fixer hires

As a home owner in general there are a multitude of things to be addressing throughout the year, not just when it comes to a wintertime home maintenance checklist. That’s why here at Fixer we’ve created a membership program called Care & Protect. With routine visits from your favorite Fixer, you don’t have to worry about staying on top of your home’s maintenance, all you have to do is enroll at: fixer.com/care.

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